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Website Content To Get You Noticed By Your Target Demographic

In a visual world, getting your brand noticed online is key. But how do you get the attention of your target demographic before they are enticed to even read a word of the stellar content you’ve crafted for your website? Visual content allows you to get attention, pulling in your target audience and eventually leading to your website and beginning your purchase cycle. Define your audience and then read on to figure out how to create content that speaks to them.


How To Design An Appealing Infographic Resume

A study at the Wharton School of Business found that 67 percent of an audience were persuaded by a verbal presentation that included visuals, compared to 50 percent by a presentation that did not include visuals. Researchers have also found that color visuals increase the willingness to read by 80 percent. These are facts that your brand cannot afford to ignore when attempting to grab the attention of your audience. Infographics offer a perfect solution to convey actionable content, as they fit the fast-paced dynamic of our world by allowing you to process information faster, in a more visual medium that encourages retention and sharing.

Video Content

6 Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website with Youtube

With auto-playing videos on Facebook, it makes sense to invest in a visual video medium. Whether you’re displaying the ease of use of your product or offering video testimonials, there is great buy-in potential in video advertising. For an example of who does this video medium right, check out Lifelock, which has an entire page dedicated to testimonials. According to eMarketer, consumer reviews are 12 times more effective than manufacturer reviews. By creating video testimonials, you are not only resonating with your audience through the power of consumer testimonials, you are also grabbing their attention via a visual medium, thus doubling your effectiveness when compared to verbal copy.


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The power of a lightbox is that it allows whatever piece of content you put on it to have undivided attention and prime real estate on your site. When a lightbox pops up on a webpage, it darkens the rest of the page and usually requires action prior to exiting. While lightboxes may not be the answer for every website, they are a great way to present forms and gather data. When putting a form in a lightbox, it simplifies the process of data collection by eliminating distractions.


3 Psychological Principles Behind Blog Images

According to MDG Advertising, posts with visuals receive 94 percent more page visits and engagement than those without. When wanting to display a compelling quote, a startling stat or your great tagline, adding a visual guarantees that you will get more engagement. Rather than simply posting the information you want to convey in your website content, or in a social post, use a program like Canva or Adobe Photoshop to create a great visual with overlaying text to maximize the reach.

Every company needs to create great content for SEO. Take yours further by utilizing the four types of content listed that garner maximum engagement. Posting actionable content that acts as a resource to your audience is key, but utilizing visual outlets actually eases this process because of the countless tools available that make creating visual content often easier than writing out a blog post or social post. Start by outlining what you want to convey to your audience, and from there think of the best way to present this info. Look at sites like Pinterest, Reddit and Topsy to see how others in the industry are presenting information and then use tools like PicMonkey,, Canva, Powerpoint and Slideshare to present information best.

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