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6 Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website with Youtube

Youtube is a famous video search engine, recently purchased by famous search engine Google. There are lot of advantages associated with Youtube and one of them is that you can promote your business online via video. If you are offering any services, or a product or you are just willing to spread the word about your identity, then I can say that youtube can be the perfect platform to market yourself.

There are many ways you can drive traffic to your website – like famous webmaster forums, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. I can understand you are using all above mentioned platforms to market your business, but if you are missing Youtube then you are missing a great opportunity to market your business.

Every thing in this universe is systematic; The creator of this universe has systemized every thing in this universe. God has created Clouds, then it rains water from rains flows in the streams and that water is used for cultivation which is later used by each and every living creature. In the same passion, if we want to be successful then we need to be systematic.

If you are planning on promoting your business online with Youtube, I can surely say that you need to follow some systematic methods to promote your video in Youtube, the video search engine:

1) Comment Videos

Youtube is now a huge community of people who place their videos in the giant database of Youtube on a daily basis. You need to appear among them by leaving a comment or no one would know you were there and would miss out on your voice and in turn, they could miss out on your brand! Visit your favorite videos and comment on them, it will automatically spread a word about your identity. Meaningful and insightful comments, especially on videos related to your niche, are invaluable in positioning yourself as an expert in your field to anyone who reads your comment and clicks through to your profile – and ultimately your website and brand!

2) Right Time to Post Your Video

You have just posted your video and you think you are failing to attain valuable visitors. It is best to do a little research and pinpoint the best time to post so that your video is in front of the most people and reach the people interested in your niche. Lets say you are posting a video regarding famous beaches of world, then you should make sure that when you post that video, the people who love travel and beaches can see it and have the time to visit these kind of videos. Everyones audience has different peak social network usage times, so the key is finding those opportune moments and using them to your marketing advantage.

3) Video Responses

Even Old Spice utilized video responses in their most recent campaign!

Personally I can say that video responses are one of the perfect ways to attain a lot of visitors to your video. If you are good in capturing natural videos; you should search the videos in your niche, and you should post meaningful and insightful video responses to those videos in your niche. Again this will help position yourself as an expert in your field if your video adds value to the original or to your audience in that niche.

4) Videos in Series

A single video can be beneficial to attain lot of traffic to your video, but it is even better if you keep your visitors happy with a series of videos. If you are posting a series of videos, I can surely say that you will have many marketing benefits and constant viewers of your videos. If you stay consistent and post regularly then people will consistently come back for more of your information and even make a routine out of looking forward to it.

5) Search Engine Friendly Videos

If you are SEO Expert offering affordable SEO services then you can understand what I mean. You need to follow some guidelines provided by search engines to have better ranking. I have already told you that Youtube is recently purchased by Google, so you can visit Google guidelines for successful marketing of your videos. Building organic search is probably the best thing you can do for any site to build the brand and traffic over time. Invest your time in learning the guidelines so that you build a great base to build upon, it will pay off in the long run.

6) Keep Length of Your Videos Short

Don’t post lengthy videos, but try to keep your videos short. This is the golden video rule as most people these days cannot find enough time to stick their eyes on a single video that is super long. The ideal time for a video is between 3-5 minutes. It will also help the youtube search engine to rank your video higher than some videos that are longer.

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    Nice timing on this article, I was just searching for some YouTube related information! I agree with the video length, anything longer than 5 minutes and you’re losing a LOT of potential viewers.

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