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Five Ways Technology is Enhancing Humanity

Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way we live. As technology becomes more intelligent, precise, and predictable, it will only improve human progress. Most of these changes are good, yet


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3 Healthcare Tech Advancements For Older Adults

As technology advances, many daily processes become easier. However, there are many advancements that can also have a direct effect on your health. With new technology comes new medical breakthroughs


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How is Tech Changing the Way You Live?

Sometimes, it feels like tech is all we talk about. We discuss the new phones hitting the market, the tech we have introduced to our homes to make life easier


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6 Ways Technology Is Changing Education

Among the varied fields that the coming technology is impacting nowadays; Education has become the most significant one of these several sectors. Remember, those good old days when there was


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60+ Epic Futuristic Design

So you know how much we like Technology and Design around here. Well you also know that one of our favorite ways of exploring and thinking about this, is by


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#WDNDL For 10/23/2009 – Halloween Edition! Plus Photoshop & jQuery Tips!

88 Impressive artworks, Tutorials and Free Icon Sets – Happy Halloween | PSDTOP Blog – Design Tips, Photo Effects, Icon Creation, Special Effects and Links Holy Crap. Its Halloween Heaven!