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60+ Epic Futuristic Design

So you know how much we like Technology and Design around here. Well you also know that one of our favorite ways of exploring and thinking about this, is by looking at really awesome futuristic design concepts! There is almost nothing more exciting (and fulfilling) than going where no man (or Woman!) has gone before, and creating something new – a new object, a new idea for an object, an idea for making things better, whatever. Making new things (or making something better) is the lifeblood of most creatives (designer or not). We have written about & showcased a lot of futurist, unbelievable, & down right innovative designs in the past – so this is kind of an update, with some new perspective and revisiting the old stuff as well to give you even more resources to supplement that big imagination of yours on your next futuristic design concept, or the next time you do anything! Remember, There is always a way to make something better, you just haven’t thought of it yet! Or maybe you have… 😀

Future By Design

If you love thinking about the future of our civilization here on earth (or out abroad in the galaxy) and enjoy drawing up futuristic designs & concepts about what it might look like, or how it might work. Then you should definitely read up on Jacque Fresco, as I have been very inspired as of late by the incredible futuristic ideas, contributions to science & technology, and the artistic renderings that he has done throughout his life (he is 96 years old now and still going! that is incredible as it is!) and also in his “Venus Project” that is a culmination of his life work where he attempts to identify, and fix, all the problems with modern society (and there seem to be a lot of them haha). He is truly a brilliant man, some even go as far as to call him “a modern Da Vinci” (who also created some incredible design concepts, for his time, back in the 1400’s!!)

The Venus Project is a culmination of Fresco’s life work and serves as a foundation that represents his vision of a future without poverty, crime, war, corruption, or waste. It was founded in 1980 and took its name in 1994. It is located in central Florida near west Lake Okeechobee about fifty miles northeast of Fort Myers. On its 21.5-acre lot, there are ten buildings designed by Fresco. It is partly a research center for Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, and partly an educational center for supporters of the project. They produce videos and literature depicting and explaining their envisioned future and the goals to actualize it. Its ultimate aim is to improve society by moving towards a global, sustainable, technological social design that is termed a “resource-based economy”.

Also if you have an hour and 30 minutes, check out this documentary (I love documentaries lol) based on Fresco’s work called “Future By Design” – It is truly a fascinating look into the future, and how good design, thoroughly thought out ideas, and smart applications of Science & Technology will be the driving force behind it (it also features some more of his awesome futuristic designs, you also get a glimpse of some of the brilliant ideas & conceptualizations he has thought up. So Interesting. History & The Future FTW!)

Today we have collected many great examples of futuristic design concepts, some are actual modern living examples captured in photography, some are illustrations, some are 3D renders of what might be, and some are the artistic visions of Jacque Fresco. If there is one thing I have learned from Fresco (and even Steve Jobs has said this) it is that when creating things the ideas are built up over the course of time, from many different sources and experiences. Inspiration comes from all over. Experience things, do things, fail, that is how truly great ideas come about. So go forth, conceptualize, dream about the future, and design it! I hope this helps you on your next project, or excites you when you day dream about rebuilding our civilization from the ground up, or doodling your next futuristic car, aircraft, spaceship or home design, Whatever you do with this, as always, I hope you Enjoy!

Awesome Futuristic Landscapes!

This is pretty crazy detailed – click the image for hi-res!

Awesome futuristic marketplace!

Freaking Awesome

Some of these are actual miniature “models”, would be cool to have a model of a futuristic city! What is this? a future for ants?! *knocks over table* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Looks like a spaceship house! I want a spaceship house.

Speaking of Space… I’ll just leave these here…

Awesome Manta Ray Submarine Design!

Epic futuristic designs that are realities already, caught in this awesome photography

Awesome futuristic architecture photography!

This is a really awesome Ferrari Concept Design – the amount of detail put into it is pretty crazy, click through one of these images to see the whole process from sketch, to render, to actual model making

So Cool. Cuz SPACE!


Need More Awesome Futuristic Designs & Concepts!? Behold, here are more epic examples of future by design!

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What was your favorite Futuristic Design? Have any good ideas for the future of our civilization? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks For Reading!

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