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8 Good Reasons to Opt For Personalised Email Marketing Strategies

Will you be happy if you are addressed just by your titles like “Valued client” or “dear friends”. Won’t you feel like a part of the herd? 

In recent years, people have been showing interest in things, which don’t feel so generic and mass-targeted. They need a scope of personalisation, like carved out chocolates, personalised dresses, or even specially designed wine. They need things to be designed or created only for them.

As people are expecting personalisation in everything, it is an excellent area for an Email marketing strategy to venture. Customised emails, addressing readers with their names via personalised landing pages will hold the subscriber’s interest for long. E-commerce personalisation strengthens customer relationships that increases click-through rates up to 18%. 

Here are some good examples of custom personalized email marketing strategies:

  • Segment your email list: One of the most important things you can do to personalize your email marketing is to segment your email list. This means dividing your subscribers into groups based on their interests, demographics, or purchase history. Once you have segmented your list, you can send more targeted and relevant emails to each group.
  • Use dynamic content: Dynamic content is content that changes based on the recipient’s interests or demographics. For example, you could send a different email to subscribers who have purchased a product from you than you would to subscribers who have never purchased from you.
  • Personalize the subject line: The subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see, so it’s important to make it personal. You can use the subscriber’s name, their interests, or even a recent purchase to personalize the subject line.
  • Personalize the body of the email: The body of the email is where you have the most space to personalize your message. You can use the subscriber’s name, their interests, or even a recent purchase to personalize the body of the email.
  • Use social proof: Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that states that people are more likely to trust something if other people believe in it. You can use social proof in your email marketing by including testimonials, reviews, or case studies from other customers.
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe: It’s important to make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe from your email list. This will help you avoid getting marked as spam and will also make your subscribers more likely to trust you.

By following these tips, you can create custom personalized email marketing strategies that will help you increase open rates, click-through rates, and sales.

With clear growth in revenues and reception, you would be sure by now that email marketing is better with personalisation, however, there are more benefits:

Effectively target a definitive audience

Personalised email marketing connects you to a specific group of customers effectively. A variety of surveys, studies, and data collection will result in effective email campaigns that target a group of customers based on their interests and shopping history. You could also read this impressive blog on email template guide to attract your customers.

74% of marketers say targeted personalisation increase the customer involvement rate. Suppose your target audience is into sports, you can include sports reference in your emails, blogs, and also email subscription forms to offer a personalised experience to them. This also results in more conversion and click-through rates.

Increase in Sales return

Personalised email content created on the basis of the data gathered from your customers can increase the sales return as much as 6 times compared to the one-size-fits-all-messaging email campaigns. 

Personalised emails recommend products generated from the customer’s usage history. Hence, there’s a high chance that the customer will make the purchase.

Customers don’t need to haggle through millions of online products available. So, they directly move from email’s product page to the checkout page for the purchase.

Increase open rates and drive engagement

A personalised subject line is a sure-shot way to increase open rates. Customised messages are said to increase the open rates by a whopping 26%. Any recipient will open a mail only after being attracted by the subject line. The more an email connects to customers through its subject line; the more chances does the mail have for being opened.

Everyone feels special when given a little extra. If you can make a customer feel important through personalisation, they will surely stay engaged with your emails.

Helps in Creating Unique Content

When you are personalising for your customers, you are creating content that’s only for them. When you just follow trends, you are doing something which is already done or is the same thing your competitor is doing.

50% of companies think interaction will increase within the company and customers by improving email personalisation. You could also make use of HTML to develop mails that do precisely what you want them to do. HTML emails are known to look better and sharper. 

Build a long-lasting relationship with clients

Sending a personalised email will build a unique and robust bond with your readers that will last longer, which in turn can make your sales higher.

You can show your care and involvement in their lives by sending emails for birthday or anniversary wishes. You would find this email template guide very interesting.

Personalised landing pages will also give customers a sense of feeling at home. 

These changes will help customers gradually build trust in the company. In turn, the conversion rate will increase and as well as sales.

Unsubscribe rates reduction to a large extent

High Email Unsubscribe Rate? Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

If you send a marathon competition to an aged person or skating mails to pregnant women, your mails will never be read. You may even get blocked for such absurd mails, which is a huge blow for your database. 

Personalised mails hit subscribers on the most relevant points and their topics of interest; therefore, your reader would feel like somebody gets him, and that will make him open your mails and wait for the next.

Gives an identification to your business

To offer a personal experience to customers, you need to show the human side of your business too. 

Always try to include a working reply-to address on emails. An individual address will be more appreciated than automated ones. This will add credibility to your business. It’s only human to feel more comfortable with other humans than with a bot!

Better recommendations and boost in conversion sales

How to Use Email Segmentation to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Ecommerce retailers use the recommendation system to provide a personalised experience to the buyers. 

They gather data from your history and other customers whose choice is similar to you. Then curate a catalogue that will immediately lure into making a purchase. This will, hence, increase the conversion rates to a greater extent. 62.26% of consumers feel elated to respond to a personalised message from any company.

Market experts state that personalisation is going to be the future of marketing, and there is no denying this if we look at the way it impacts and improves general marketing campaign results.

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