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Great Apps For Students for Effective Studying

How the right apps can help make college life easier

Today, you can download an app for any purpose, from dating and exercising to memes generators and even a concept of a farting app on Kickstarter.  College students can also benefit from this variety as there are many useful apps they can apply for more effective studying, communicating and planning. From the Oxford English dictionary to assignment writing help, you can use a necessary app to make the studying process more efficient and enjoyable.

Top college apps for successful studying

To find relevant apps in a convenient way, we divided them into categories:

1. Lecture recording apps

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Just a few years ago students were afraid to miss a single lecture not to be left behind. If they did, they had to spend all night taking notes of what their group mates managed to write down in class. Now, in the era of technology, you are not going to miss any bit of information just recording a lecture from beginning to the final words and then listening to your professor whenever and wherever you want. Among popular lecture recording apps are SoundNote and Notes Plus for Apple Store and Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder for Google Play Market;

2. Essay writing services apps

Many students use academic writing help ordering an essay from a writing service while many of them have apps to quickly communicate with a writer and just to make it simple and more convenient. You can read top essay writing services reviews, choose the service you like and install the app directly from the website. The majority of them support both operational systems;

3. Exam preparation apps

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One of the most attractive is Exam Countdown for iOS that helps to be aware of the days left until the exam. You can also find apps for different exams with testing that in many schools have already become a part of the admission process. BenchPrep combines the functionality of a social network with testing and allows students to find quizzes, information, special notes, and other stuff;

4. Planning apps

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There are no more popular apps for students than those that help planning the studying process. The organization is the key to success so app planners become increasingly favored. You can download Timetable and My Class Schedule for Android and Class Timetable for iOS to receive push notifications as reminders about upcoming events;

5. Formatting apps

It takes hours for students to ensure that they included all the necessary information, made citations correctly and created a bibliography list in the required format. Now you can do it easily with the help of such apps as EasyBib that can create a reference for any source and in any style just scanning the barcode of the book;

6. Healthy apps

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There is a variety of apps for responsible drinking, healthy eating, and exercising. For example, WiseDrinking provides charts on how much you have been drinking, calculates alcohol level in blood and gives suggestions on the amount and timing. Zombies, Run! is a fun fitness app that creates motivation, music lists and intense exercises for your workout. MealBoard will recommend healthy meals depending on your budget with recipes and grocery shops nearby.

In addition, you can also use a convenient Oxford English Dictionary app to check words on the go, Dropbox to edit and save documents and Skout to look for friends in your locality.

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