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How 5G Will Impact the Mobile Casino Experience

The most prominent trend in online gambling is a move towards mobile gambling. In the UK, experts estimate that more than 55% of all online gambling activities are taking place through mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). These same experts are also predicting the percentage of mobile gambling access could reach as high as 80% over the next couple of years. 

In the U.S., mobile online gambling is just now becoming a reality. To date, six states have passed legislation that permits mobile gambling. With pressure being brought to bear, that number is likely to become 20 states within the next 12 months.

The only thing that seems to be slowing the growth of mobile gambling in connectivity. In order to enjoy playing video slots in all their glory, a fast and reliable data connection is vital. With 5G technology ready to take over the airwaves, the innovators have seemingly resolved the connectivity issue. 

With this new and far-reaching communications technology, gamblers who have been denied online gambling access in the past now have options. They can now get connectivity in areas where securing wireless data connections in the past has been a problem. For all interested parties, the speed of 5G technology opens the door to more online gambling options, options to be discussed below.

Access to Live Dealers Games

How 5G Could Drive Mobile Sports Betting

In the online casino industry, live dealer table games (baccarat, blackjack, roulette) have become the industry’s most prominent trend. With this option, gamblers can interact with live dealers, who are dealing cards and controlling the flow of action. While the casinos are streaming their live dealer games from a casino studio, gamblers can be sitting in their living rooms, placing bets and talking to the dealer. The only things that are missing from a land-based casino experience are the noise and free cocktails.

The problem with playing live dealers games through a mobile device is the game loses it charm because of a poor connection. The action tends to slow down and the streaming is often interrupted. 5G technology is the cure for these issues. With lightning-fast connectivity, mobile gamblers will be able to experience live dealers casino games in full living color. Furthermore, they can enjoy the experience no matter where they are when the urge hits. 

The Coming of Virtual Reality Technology for the Gambling Sector

5G will change the way we play games and use VR

It has taken a while but online casino software developers have finally figured out how to bring Virtual Reality (VR) technology to online gamblers. That’s great news for computer users but no much for mobile device users. 

With 5G technology, all of this is likely to change. The key to getting maximum enjoyment out of roaming through a VR casino is the speed at which someone can access the process. There is little denying that 5G provides many times more speed than prior technologies. This should be enough to open the door to people accessing VR casinos with the right VR goggles and accessories.

A More Enjoyable Experience

Smartphones are about to get very, very interesting thanks to recent advances in 5G and foldable glass

Ultimately, people are going to participate in the activities they enjoy. To date, online casino operators have been targeting the gambling process and not the mobile gambling experience. Novice gamblers want more.

With the ability to access content quickly and efficiently, there is a good chance more people will give the mobile gambling experience a hard look. Operators like are giving players the ability of experiencing the thrill of online roulette in Canada. When they see how enjoyable the experience is becoming because of excellent connectivity and data speed, they are more likely to come back for more. 

The introduction of the long-awaited 5G technology has opened the door to endless possibilities for the online casino industry.

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