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The London Look: 4 Ways to Have a Big City Presence from Anywhere in the UK

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Admittedly, residing in a capital city can prove more advantageous for your business aspirations – in London there were 1,544 businesses per 10,000 residents, whilst in the North East there were 694 businesses per 10,000 residents. However, there are many ways in which you’re able to have a big city presence from anywhere in the UK! Follow these simple steps and you’re well on your way.

Remain present

It goes without saying that to maintain a big city presence, you need to be showcased across numerous digital channels. That said, somewhat surprisingly, many small businesses still rely solely on traditional means of marketing. Such businesses lack any presence on social media, are without an app, or even a basic website.

A 2017 study revealed that at 29%, just under one third of businesses were operating without a website – such companies cited that their business was thriving enough without an online presence. But by creating a comprehensive digital presence may just be the key to uncovering what a thriving business is really like; there’s a difference between thriving in a small town and a big city! Big fish, small pond, or small fish, big pond?

Get an esteemed business address

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In addition to honing your online presence, your business must look big in the real world. Even if you’re working from your home office or even a warehouse, your customers don’t need to know; consider buying a business mailing address. This way, customers and clients can get in touch with you.

Plus, services that sell businesses will also forward mail to your home so you’ll never miss a thing. Many companies even offer a greeting service that can meet with anyone who turns up at the site –a worthy investment for sure.

Invest in a business telephone service

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Let’s be honest, the majority of consumers now rely on cellular service as their only telephone line. However, as a business owner, this can heed many limitations, particularly for a prospective client’s trust in you. This can result in the loss of valuable leads and clients. With this in mind, consider adding a business telephone service.

You can get your own 020 phone number from many telecoms providers. This way, your callers will be under the impression they’re calling London, regardless of your location. This is certainly one viable way to create an image of a big city presence.

Outperform the competition

Be sure to study your competitors and their online efforts obsessively – if you’re only just introducing your business to the digital environment, you have a lot of catching up to do! This can be one hard road to navigate, but the difficulties are worth it, so remain resilient.

By analyzing the online activity of your competitors, you’re able to see which SEO keywords are most commonly targeted. Plus, you can better understand which social media platforms are the most popular and just why this may be. While it’s important to heed caution when it comes to plagiarism and copyright, you can even gain inspiration for fresh content and ideas.

It’s vital that you have an understanding of who the target audience of your competitors are – do you need to target the same pool? You can gain clarity on how to engage with customers online and offer them the best experience available. It’s not about copying what your competitors are doing but rather examining their efforts to win big clients.

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