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Luxury Fashion Rings for Men

Men’s rings have recently begun to reach the same level as necklaces and bracelets in terms of popularity. Silver and titanium are still the two metals which are most common when it comes to these articles of jewellery, but there are some new metals and other materials making their appearance.

Precious Stones

While people can still stick to their brushed metal bands if that’s what they want, precious stones are no longer just for women’s jewelry. While diamonds are the usual choice for men’s rings, rubies are becoming popular as well (synthetic as well as real). Try on some diamonds for size, see what they are like – or if you prefer not to glitter when wearing your rings, stick to some tiger’s eye.

If any type of precious or semi-precious stone is something you want to avoid due to the ethical considerations, more and more fashion rings for men are incorporating Zirconia into their design. You can have flash without worrying about the human cost of your rings.

Unusual Design

Yes, Men Can Wear Jewelry—Here’s How.

The majority of rings are still either polished metal or brushed metal finishes. If you want something a little different, then why not try a ring that features cut-outs or ‘nuggets’ of the same material? This has the advantage of your ring looking fairly innocuous if needed, and only on closer inspection showing how different from the norm it really is.

These designs can be relatively simple, or quite complicated. They can be simply a small engraving into the ring itself in order to give it some definition, or material such as black enamel or plating can be added to give its own definition, both in terms of the material being a different feel from the rest of the ring, and also in the look it gives. A silver and black ring is very different from a pure silver one, even (and perhaps especially) if the black is only a small part of the ring itself.

Unusual Materials

More Unusual (and Definitely Special) Engagement Rings

Rings can incorporate some very unusual materials in their making, and this is a very good way of having some luxury in your jewelry. Instead of simple metals, why not go for some rhodium plating? Many rings now use enamel in their designs, either as a decorative material as part of a design, or as part of the ring itself, which makes for a striking effect. Or why not buy a ring with some plated wire in it? That would be an unusual touch, and would definitely make your jewellery stand out from the crowd.

Rings made from metal are the most common out there, but other materials are possible. Shell and leather rings have been around for a while, but a recent trend has been that of silicone rings. These are most often mentioned in terms of wedding ring sets and promise rings, but they don’t need to be confined to that. Why not get yourself a silicone ring, and have some good looking and unusual jewelry in your look?

Why more men are wearing jewellery

There are so many types and styles of rings for men out there now that it’s never been easier to find one to suit your style. Have a look now, and make sure to keep in mind everything you’ve learned in this article when you’re looking!

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