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5 Signs that Being a Web Developer is for You

If you know the slightest bit about computers, you probably have at least some idea of what a web developer is and precisely what they do. To break it down to the simplest elements, a web developer designs and creates websites. There are virtually infinite websites on the worldwide web, and more appear every day.

Some of those are company websites that advertise products and services. Others are essentially blogs where people talk about their beliefs, and they have no intention of monetizing that site. They just need a place to speak about their ideas or opinions, and they don’t want to do so via social media.

Whatever the case regarding the website in question, someone needs to create it. First, they must design the basic visual elements, and then they must figure out what’s going to go on that site. Maybe the web dev will add things like drop-down menus you can click on that will take you to various product pages, an FAQ page, or a contact page.

Because not every individual has the technical skill to do this, becoming a web developer can potentially be very profitable for you as a career. You might choose to be a web dev and act completely independently, which is to say that you will become a freelancer, loaning out your services to companies and individuals. 

The other thing you can do is work exclusively for one business, entity, or individual. Whatever the case, you can do well for yourself as a web dev, so let’s talk right now about some reasons why you might wish to become one.

You Have Computer Skills Most Others Do Not

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Not just everyone knows how to use an IT priority matrix or devise a website from scratch that you can take live within just a few days. If everyone had these skills, you could not make nearly as much money as a web dev since any CEO could take a couple of afternoons and set up their own company’s website.

Web devs, if they are very good at the job, can talk to computers. They can communicate with computer programs and manipulate them into doing what the dev wants them to do. Interestingly enough, you sometimes find web devs who can create an amazing website online very quickly, yet they have much less luck talking to their fellow human beings.

The point is that you might choose to become a web developer if you have the particular skills that employers crave. If you find that you’re good with computers, this might be a natural career path for you to take.

You Like Working on Your Own

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You might have to work as part of a team as a web dev. Some companies would prefer that you hook up with a few other web designers because they feel like you will create a better product if there are several of you instead of just one.

Other employers will understand, though, that this means there will be too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. As a web dev, it should not be very difficult for you to find someone who wants to hire you who will also allow you to work on your own.

As long as you have all the skills necessary to create the website your employer wants, with all the features and the appearance they need, they should be okay with you working on your own, as long as you can stick to their schedule and produce the new site expediently. Some web devs like working on their own, and this way, you won’t have to worry about spending your days surrounded by coworkers. Antisocial individuals often love the web dev profession.

You Like Working from Home

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You can certainly find a web dev job where you have to go to a centralized location. There, you might swipe in with a name badge, sit at a desk, and get to work developing or refining websites.

That’s a relative rarity, though. The fact is that most web devs can do their work creating or altering websites from their own homes, and that might be a huge part of why they enter this profession.

As a web dev, you can comfortably wake up at your own time and get to work without ever having to fight that annoying rush hour traffic. You can work in your pajamas if you want to. Since working from home is so desirable these days, it’s hard to discount this job feature.

You Can Make Very Good Money

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Computer-related jobs often yield excellent paychecks. Again, you have a skill not all that many people have. Since web dev skills are in high demand, you can request top dollar for your services.

Even some of the people who have at least basic web dev skills might not necessarily want to spend time doing things like creating company websites. They might want to focus their attention elsewhere. 

You may be able to find web dev work not just because you’re able to do it but also because certain other people are unwilling to do so.

You Like Learning New Skills

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Let’s go back to what we said before about web devs being able to communicate with computers. A decent web dev can tell a computer interface their needs, and the computer will respond.

As a web dev, you start by learning some of the basics, and then you get better and learn more skills the longer and farther you go. You don’t learn a set of computer development skills and then stop right there. You continue to learn and improve your skillset for your entire career.

A web dev will probably enjoy getting better at the job the longer they do it. As a web dev, your journey is never complete. The more skills you master, the more you can do, and the more money you can make as well.

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