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How to Measure Customer Experience for Your Mobile Application?

As we all know that the customer experience is considered as the most critical factors, and there are various techniques that adopted by the app developers for measuring customer experience of the mobile application.

Today, mobile customers are highly impatient than ever before and an app download does not necessarily mean business for your brand. Staying wary on the customer experience and how it will influence your chances of business conversion is the main key to success.

But do you know how will you measure the efficiency of your app’s customer experience? You can consider these following mentioned tips and measure customer experience for your mobile application:

App Analytics Tools

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Comprehending analytics is the main point to get a clear idea about how your application is getting traction from the users. You have officially integrated analytics that provided by app stores and developer consoles.

However, you can also choose a range of third-party analytics tools, which will provide some layers of insights on the app usage. There are some of the important metrics that can provide detailed analysis about your users, and other comprise time spent in the application, simultaneous use of other apps, user demographics, user location, etc.

These third-party tools can work as a backup tool when your app store analytics are not trending in the right direction. Check out some of the key metrics that you can track at the time of evaluating app analytics tools:

  • App usage
  • Session Length
  • Average revenue per user
  • Lifetime value of the user
  • Retention rate
  • User experience and traction
  • Average active users

Net Promoter Score

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When it comes to talking about your net promoter score, it is an index that mainly measures how likely your customers will be to recommend your company services to their friends, relatives and work colleagues. It is advisable to the best practice to carry out an NPS survey on a quarterly basis so that you can easily measure how the perception of your brand enhances in the time.

Make sure that the survey must take your customers no more than a couple of seconds and it simply requires a mark on a scale of 1-10 how likely they would be to recommend you. If you are a B2C developer, it is advisable for you to issue an NPS survey as a pop-up in your app’s home screen when the user next logs in.

While for B2B designers, you may find it better to send the survey as an email to earlier clients since they are likely to be rating your company as much as the app itself.

Ratings and Reviews on Your Applications

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When the application shows in the App Store, there is no other metric, which is better than the user reviews and ratings that they share. However, developers also comprehend that there is a huge scope for enhancement by looking at the ratings.

In case, if the rating of the app is less than 5, it is an unfavorable review. Through this way, you can come to know where is the app crashing, adding new features and analyzing the kind of problems that are faced.

Customer Churn Rate


Talking about the churn rate, it is the percentage of customers of your app, who have to stop using the application within a given timeframe. For B2C businesses, it is advisable to measure quarterly while B2B can measure buyers annually.

However, if the churn rate of the application is reducing day-by-day, you can be happy, but if it sticks to the same or going down, then there is a problem that you need to fix.

Session Tracking

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If your application is getting short user sessions, it is advisable for you to focus on increasing engagement and total time spent in-app. Overall, short sessions result from the problems users experience. Maybe it is your application’s UI or functionality, maybe

it has a bug. Well, whatever the problem or bug is, session tracking will help you out on it.

To get in-detail information, you can also track your user sessions with across different pages and sections of your app. It doesn’t matter what you are tracking, some of the important metrics to track include:

  • Activity Per Sessions
  • Average Session Length
  • Frequency of Sessions
  • Bounce Rate of Various Pages

User Demographics


Tempting customers with demographics is the main strategy that is frequently adopted. However, the mobile application can be easily customized if the mobile app developer has complete details like country, city, gender, etc.

With the localization of the apps, customer engagement enhances into the local languages. All the specific features to the demographics can be added easily.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can measure the customer experience for your mobile application. Make sure that you consider these ways and measure customer experience and know where you can improve.

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