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Pillar Content is Essential to Website Design in 2024

If you want to build a site that converts, one of the first things you need to do is ensure that you are utilizing pillar pages correctly. Pillar pages are the key to SEO in 2024, not to mention that they also have a profound impact on user experience.

Faster and Simpler User Experiences

6 Tips for Designing Fast and Efficient Websites

For several years now, Google have been working to increase the total impact that a positive user experience has on SEO. Core web vitals are a recent manifestation within the sector. Sites with thin content are now being penalized, along with sites that put barriers between the user and their intended destination. Mobile-friendliness and site speed are also ranking factors.

Through the use of pillar pages, it becomes easier to land people at the heart of the topic they have an interest in. Clear trust signals can be provided through meaningful content delivery, with individual pages focused on interactive and experience-boosting features. The casino sector is a prime example here. If you want to play Slingo for real money, you can go onto a site, choose the category of games you want and then see nearly every title presented to you in an easy format. With bright graphics, play buttons that pop up when the image is hovered over and clear alt-text, the whole experience isn’t just user-friendly, it’s highly converting and provides a seamless way to transition between titles.

Topical Authority Signals

The Authority Principle: Leveraging Expertise in Design

Experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness underpin the guidelines set by Google. EEAT guidelines help to provide a quality score to websites. Simply put, it’s a yardstick that can be used to determine whether content is good quality or not. If it is, then the page will rank significantly higher. By grouping content in a simple hierarchy, it becomes easier for search engines to understand, rank and identify your content. Topical signals help you to shine a light on the specifics of your site, making ranking for those topics not only more optimized but also more consistent. With no pillars or clear segmentation, every time you add something new to your site, you will be adding to the amount of noise for both search engines and your users. Based on this, it’s not hard at all to see why it’s so important to use pillar pages in 2024. With new content being added to the internet all the time, you have to make sure that you stay competitive. 

Content pillars, or pillar pages help you to do just that. You can niche down your site categories while ensuring that people who land on your site can find everything they need in just a few clicks. When pillar pages are combined with bright visuals and impressive graphics, the positive results speak for themselves.  

All in all, topic clusters and pillar pages remain the best way for you to structure your site’s content, whether it’s for users or search engines. At the heart of this strategy, is the idea that you can create in-depth and comprehensive pillar pages that support a broad theme without cluttering your site.

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