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Shooting Stars Pickett, Hartman to Clash in ACC Title Game

The ACC Title Game 2021 took place at the beginning of December and with it, an extremely interesting clash between two football teams.

The duel between quarterbacks Kenny Pickett of the Pittsburgh Panthers and Sam Hartman of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons caught the attention not only of College Football fans, but NFL lovers alike.

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Let’s see more about the ACC Title Game and these great promises of College Football. Before we go any further, we appreciate the help of American sports expert Kate Richardson, who helped us with this content. Access her profile here

ACC Championship Game

For those of you not familiar with College Football, we’ll explain what this particular game is about and what title it’s worth.

The ACC is one of College Football’s many conferences, the Atlantic Coast Conference. And in it, the teams are divided into two divisions: Atlantic and Coast.

Currently, each of these divisions has 7 teams. In total, there are nine American states with representatives on the ACC. They are:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. South Carolina
  3. Florida
  4. Kentucky
  5. North Carolina
  6. New York
  7. Georgia
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Virginia

At the end of each season, the first place from each of these divisions will be fighting off in the ACC Title Game, something like a clash of creators football, and the winner will thus be crowned the conference champion.

2021 Edition

In this year’s edition, the clash of the ACC Championship was between the Pittsburgh Panthers, from the state of Pennsylvania, and the Wake Forest Demon Demon Deacons, from North Carolina.

This confrontation, however, went far beyond a simple conference final. That’s because two of the best college quarterbacks were on the field in this match. Extremely promising players that many believe will play in the NFL soon. On the Panthers side, we had Kenny Pickett. The 23-year-old had already surprised many earlier this year by choosing to return to College Football over the NFL draft.

On the other side, Sam Hartman commanded the Wake Forest team. The North Carolina team’s sophomore played simply impressive performances during the regular season and broke several records within his own team.

This was a showdown that many had hoped to see and, in the end, Pickett was able to emerge victorious. Wake Forest’s start was simply impressive, managing to score 21 points in the first quarter, while the Panthers scored 14 points.

The problem for the North Carolina team was that the attack went completely zero for the next three quarters, with Pittsburgh’s defense doing an excellent job. In the end, the Panthers won 45-21 and won the ACC title.

What to expect from Pickett and Hartman

What College Football fans want to know the most is: what will happen to these two amazing quarterbacks next season?

Well, most likely we’ll see both of them participating in the NFL draft and with a good chance of being drafted. Mainly Pickett, who could have gone in early 2021.

The main reason the 23-year-old returned to College Football is that he wanted to be the best; that was the goal he had set himself.

After earning his place in the Hall of Fame and having not only won the conference title but also the MVP of the match, it is believed that he will advance to the NFL and venture into the top league in the country.

Some of this is expected from Hartman as well. There is no doubt that he is one of the best weapons in the forest team, leading the team at different times and taking them to the first place in their division. Plus, the 22-year-old quarterback turned the club’s record book into, basically, a dry erase board with his name all over it.

He can certainly try his luck in the NFL already and may even surprise those who don’t follow College Football.


The ACC Championship Title Game brought an extremely interesting showdown between two quarterbacks that could be the near future of any NFL team.

Pickett was the victor, which many gave as expected, as despite the fact that they are both very similar, the Pittsburgh Panthers quarterback is already more experienced and has a little more technique than his opponent.

Of course, the wake forest boards were not weak, with a defense that had only lost 1 game of the regular season, and yet Pickett was able to lead his team to victory.

Going forward, we hope to see both Pickett and Hartman joining NFL teams and making a name for them in the big league of American Football as well.

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