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Tips to Create a Web Design that Overcomes Browser Compatibility Issues

With the proliferation of browsers used across the Web, ensuring browser compatibility has become a growing concern for Web designers all over the world. New browsers keep mushrooming in the


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Three Design Elements You Must Compare With Your Business Competition

‘Action-packed and full of activity’ are the best words to describe the field of web designing. It is just like a war-front where ‘smart work wins rather than hard work’.


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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A Website

Your website leaves the first impression about your business with your clients and your end users. It can rightly be called your commercial face on the internet. An artistically designed


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Here There Be Dragons! Dealing with Nightmare Clients & Challenges As A Freelance Designer

In the great fantastic world of design, professionals are like knights, claiming prizes and rewards while fighting fierce dragons and vanquishing evil foes. At least, we think ourselves kin to


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The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem – The Cost of Lost Data & How To Protect Yourself.

The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem – The Cost of Lost Data & How To Protect Yourself. Every time a business laptop is lost and/or stolen, an organization takes a


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#WDNDL For 10/16/2009 – Freelancer Tips, Geek News, & Inspirations!

Why Kai-Fu Lee Turned Down Steve Jobs (And Is Still Cool with That) Very interesting read for entrepreneurs, Kai-Fu Lee – Former president of Google China, Is starting his own