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Three Design Elements You Must Compare With Your Business Competition

‘Action-packed and full of activity’ are the best words to describe the field of web designing. It is just like a war-front where ‘smart work wins rather than hard work’. Spontaneous, creative, up-to-date technologies are the most important aspects that set your website designing business distinguishing from your competitors’. Analyzing who your competitors are and what unique strategies they use to compete and lead the market will give you an idea to highlight your best capabilities. When you eventually feel that your competitors’ design is better than yours, all you need to do is to compare these ‘essential’ elements in your design with your competitor’s website.

Company Logo Design

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‘Logo’ is the most powerful symbol of any entity and effective logos stand in the minds of the customers forever. It is an important way of communicating your business to your target group. You cannot take it as light as an ordinary figure that just stands on the top of the page but it is an influential brand ambassador that represents your company. Check how effective is your competitor’s company logo design. Try to design a professional logo that is signifying and characterizing the nature of your business. Irrelevant logo designs might wind somebody up and this is the primary thing that you need to focus on. By setting up a winning logo you can enjoy the privilege of winning your customers hearts at the first sight.

Landing Page Design

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Landing pages are the ones that describe your business to your ultimate users and educate them about your business. It is always advisable to perform a SWOT analysis on your landing page and compare it with your competitor’s landing page design. Check the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of your landing page design and ensure that you keep your design user-engaging and as simple as possible. It should be designed in such a way that your landing page conveys the right message in the first few seconds of your visitor’s time because this is the time that your visitors get converted as your customers. Enhance the look and feel of your landing page by adopting appealing colors, exhibiting the artistic nature and the feeling of contentment for your visitors for reaching the right place for meeting their needs.

Product/Service Page Design

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Here comes the real essence of your business, your actual products, which can be rightly called as the bread-winning entries. Make sure that the product or service page is designed with appropriate images, relevant descriptions highlighting the valid use of the products or the benefits of the corresponding services. Product/service page design should be eye-catching, alluring, authentic and convincing the users to buy the product or avail the service instantly. Weigh against your competitor’s service/product page design and check what makes it distinct and challenging with your design.

By comparing your design with these indispensable facets of your competitor’s website design, you will arrive at new ways and soon-to-be means for attaining your objectives without any kind of impacts from your competitors.

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