How to Build a Winning Email Marketing Plan in a Few Hours

Online marketers look for different ways to make money. Some may use tools such as social media or paid ads. However, we can all be sure of one thing that guarantees returns, emails. An email is a tool that works thoroughly on the conversion rate compared to other marketing channels. More than half of the persons who interact with your emails end up purchasing your products once you send them an email message. Additionally, any transactions that happen in an email are very powerful in terms of profit than other media.

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There are many advantages to using email marketing

  • Permission-based. In email marketing, you don’t force subscription. This means that only genuine people interested in your products will subscribe. You are therefore assured of complete engagement.
  • The Personalisation of messages. In emails, you are allowed to shape your emails in a way that you wish. In the same way, you can segment your lists to group customers according to their interests.
  • interests thus sending them only messages they are interested in learning
  • Increased sales. Emails are very flexible as they allow one to buy products or to encourage future purchases to your customers.
  • Emails are very easy to forward or share with people by word of mouth.
  • Cost-effective. This is a very cheap way of marketing as you use little money to advertise. No one will ever ask for an advertisement fee or print cost.

In case you want to build an email marketing plan that generates you money, follow the following steps.

Understand email types

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There are many forms of emails that you can send to people. They can either be promotional emails, relational, or transactional emails. In promotional emails, you inform your subscribers on what you sell and the offers available. For relational emails, someone should keep their promises such as a weekly newsletter. The actions of a subscriber determine transactional emails. You can respond by having a sign-up confirmation email, welcoming messages or purchase confirmations.

Have something to sell

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When people create emails, they consider doing it way before they decide on what to sell to their customers. Nevertheless, if you have already listed the items you wish to sell, this step is not for you. Always ensure that you have a digital or physical product to market before setting up your email. The possibility of making money without actual products is practically impossible. In case you are wondering about what to sell, you can choose from online courses, eBooks, or classes.

Research about your audience

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Anyone who has been in the industry for long knows their audience. Unfortunately, you might only be lucky to make the right guesses during the beginning stages. Luckily for you, you have a chance to make collect data from the very first email. In the end, you will find out about your audience.

Sell a second party’s product

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In some instances, one may lack something to sell as you may have only a few hours to make up your mind. Pulling up resources for this can be quite hectic. Nevertheless, you should never shutter your dreams of creating an email plan just because of this setback. You will always have a second chance in everything; opt to sell someone else’s products. Never shy away from being an affiliate to other people. This is because you will get a commission at the end of the day and create connections with them. However always note that you should send recommendations to the subscribers only if they align with their field of interests.

Have a perfect subject line

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A subject line is significant as it makes one decide on whether to open the link or not. For this, you have to consider that the subject is enticing to your audience. Nevertheless, make it as short as possible, a maximum of 50 characters. Always ensure that you let them know of what to expect once they open your email.


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Making money through online marketing can be very easy. However, you need to know several things before you create your emails. With these tips, you are ready to make the best out of your new adventure!

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