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8 Digital Customer Retention Strategies

Returning customers are crucial to any business’s success. Not only do they spend more on your business, but it’s also cheaper to bring back existing customers than acquiring new ones.


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Personalize Your Marketing Without Creeping People Out

We now have the ability to personalize marketing messages more specifically than at any time in previous history — but should we? A study by the global management consulting firm


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Why Personalization Makes a Better You

Have you ever wondered why e-quizzes, both the good, the great, and the dumb, are so popular? Have you ever wondered why Starbucks has so many different ordering options? Have


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Why You Should Build Your Own Home

Building your own home is a challenge, but if you’re game it can be one of the most rewarding experiences known to mankind. There are many reasons why you should


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Looking to the Future of Digital Marketing

The marketing world is pretty advanced as it is, but it’s still in its relative infancy compared with what’s to come. In the coming years, there won’t be a marketing