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Why Personalization Makes a Better You

Have you ever wondered why e-quizzes, both the good, the great, and the dumb, are so popular? Have you ever wondered why Starbucks has so many different ordering options? Have you ever wondered why people spend so much money on clothes, perfumes and colognes, or nail polish colors?

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The answer, while complex, essentially boils down to one thing: we like knowing a little bit more about who we are.That double-shot, vanilla coconut milk grande latte helps us define ourselves a little better. Psychologists say that a part of healthy identity is knowing where we begin and end, and the personalized details of daily life help us, in no small part, to discover those beginnings and ends.

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While trivial at first glance, our daily efforts to personalize our existence help us grasp a sense of who we are–so even a nail polish color can improve our sense of identity. Without further ado, here’s a list of ways to personalize your daily life–and in so doing, get a better sense of who you are.


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When it comes to purchases, there’s almost no end to what you can personalize. While not everything that crosses your threshold needs to be personalized, personalizing an occasional product can actually make you feel better about yourself.

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From getting the E juice flavor you most love, to getting a beach towel with your favorite work of art on it, getting the occasional personalized product can help you say, “I matter” to yourself. When a few of your everyday items help you express yourself, it can help you feel celebrated on a regular basis. That celebration, in turn, can help boost your self-esteem.

Home Decor

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Your biggest chance for personalization is at home. Since your house, condo, or apartment is your own space, it should be a reflection of you. Your home atmosphere has a big effect on the way you feel about yourself, and it should be a place that feels safe and inviting. Don’t be content with haphazard furniture or white walls–make your space an expression of your personality. That way, when you come home, the personalized aspects of your home will help ground you and help you feel that daily dose of self-expression. Paint the walls in colors you love. Get pillows, rugs, and the right curtains.

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Find home fragrances and great art prints, and arrange the furniture in ways that feel right. Whether it’s open spaces and cool gray tones, or album covers, hot pink, and incense–your home can start being a space where you feel like you belong.

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In its own way, personalization is a form of self expression. Self-expression is vitally important for confidence and self-esteem, so you could even say, in a roundabout way, that personalization improves your self-esteem. Self-esteem can improve your job performance, and even reduce anxiety and depression. So next time it’s time to redecorate your living room or order a latte, get it personalized. You may find that that extra dose of customization boosts your daily mood.

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