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50+ Epic Designs With Geometric Shapes

In school, geometry was boring. At least at my school. In the real world, Geometry can be completely beautiful. Who knew that a Pattern of Shapes could create stunning artwork or designs? As a kid growing up, I had no idea, I guess I missed that memo? lol. I partly blame the school system for this – they really killed the creativity out of you with boringsauce, but hopefully that is changing very soon. If you are a geometry and math geek (like I am now) then you will enjoy this post – perhaps show it to some kids (or your kids, if you have em’ like me) and blow their minds with the possibilities of shapes! First, lets take a step back.

What is Geometric Design?

Today we are talking about geometry in its most glorious form, the design form (my favorite form, of course). So lets find out exactly what “Geometric Design” is shall we?

Geometric design (GD), also known as geometric modelling, is a branch of computational geometry. It deals with the construction and representation of free-form curves, surfaces, or volumes. Core problems are curve and surface modelling and representation. GD studies especially the construction and manipulation of curves and surfaces given by a set of points using polynomial, rational, piecewise polynomial, or piecewise rational methods. The most important instruments here are parametric curves and parametric surfaces, such as Bezier curves, spline curves and surfaces. An important non-parametric approach is the level set method.

Application areas include shipbuilding, aircraft, and automotive industries, as well as architectural design. The modern ubiquity and power of computers means that even perfume bottles and shampoo dispensers are designed using techniques unheard of by shipbuilders of 1960s.

Geometric models can be built for objects of any dimension in any geometric space. Both 2D and 3D geometric models are extensively used in computer graphics. 2D models are important in computer typography and technical drawing. 3D models are central to computer-aided design and manufacturing, and many applied technical fields such as geology and medical image processing.

Geometric models are usually distinguished from procedural and object-oriented models, which define the shape implicitly by an algorithm. They are also contrasted with digital images and volumetric models; and with implicit mathematical models such as the zero set of an arbitrary polynomial. However, the distinction is often blurred: for instance, geometric shapes can be represented by objects; a digital image can be interpreted as a collection of colored squares; and geometric shapes such as circles are defined by implicit mathematical equations. Also, the modeling of fractal objects often requires a combination of geometric and procedural techniques.

Geometric problems originating in architecture can lead to interesting research and results in geometry processing, computer-aided geometric design, and discrete differential geometry.

Wow, the most mind blowing part to me of the information above is the “shampoo dispensers are designed using techniques unheard of by shipbuilders of 1960s”. That is Incredible, and so true, if you think about it – it really is amazing. Think about all of the things we have today, the tools, the knowledge, that wasn’t around 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, that we take for granted daily. It reminds me of a great quote – “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke. Imagine if you traveled back in time to the 60’s and showed them your geometric designs, their minds would explode!! So today I hope to inspire you to go use those tools, use this inspiration on your latest projects – get some geometry in there! Whether you like shapes, or math, or just design, try to mix and match some disciplines and see what you get :). I hope that you guys get inspired and creative by these geometric masterpieces below, and I hope you enjoy :D.

New York Made Out Of Lego! Can’t get much more geometric than that!

I would totally live in this boxy house 😀 Love that geometry in architecture, cuz its hip to be square. Eh? I’ll let myself out.

You can even make Typography letter shapes, with shapes! Shape-ception!?

Awesome Wallpaper for Geometry Nerds like mahself!


60+ Beautiful Examples of Geometric Designs

What was your favorite magnificent example of Geometry in Design? What is your favorite Shape? Does it have 8 Amazing Angles? Leave it in the comments below, we would love to hear from YOU! As always, Thanks for Reading!

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