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15 Extremely Creative Websites

Where do good ideas come from? It’s a question that has wondered in my head for a long time and I still don’t really have an answer for it. Recently, I watched a TED video that seemed to offer me a new and interesting perspective. I strongly recommend watching it; i.e: from this video I understood that having a mess on your desk or in your office isn’t a really a negative thing (just kidding, this is a “personal and subjective” interpretation).

A web designer should always have good ideas! Of course, in any field of activity it’s ideal to have good ideas, but in the web design world everything is changing constantly, so it’s a challenge to be even merely inspired. Usually, a designer that has good ideas is very creative. Unfortunately, there is no perfect recipe to improve creativity. There are tips that may work for many designers but to fail in your case or vice-versa! Anyway, it seems that talent, expertise and hard work are the key factors in being creative. Another solution that works for many designers is to study the creative works of other designers. In the next lines I hope that I will give you a creativity boost by showcasing 15 extremely creative websites.



I Love This Frame is a very creative web application destined for convincing people about the beauty of basketball. I must warn you that it may become addictive. Still you should check it out. It’s beautifully designed and it fully deserves to be placed in pole position.



This website impressed me with the inspired color scheme it uses. It’s a one-page website and in the upper part they used very bright colors while in the lower part darker colors are more present. The use of cool illustrations is another bonus for the website.



Sorenaco doesn’t get a good grade in the speed loading chapter, but there are many other features that compensate for this. The attractive sliding effects get everyone’s attention and the overall user experience is more than satisfactory!



Affinity is a very modern website; the images used are attention-grabbing, the menu is very interesting and it seems that every pixel was carefully designed by the site designer.



I am a big fan of video background websites and this one really impressed me. It’s the presentation website of a creative agency and I think that the team is really creative. You should check their Intro section to convince yourself!



Sponge Digital is a stunning website. It’s a mix of mystery, high-technology, luxury and science-fiction. You should visit the website, I’m 100% sure you will be captivated by it. The diagram showing the skills of the team is very original – I fell in love with it instantly!



It’s scientifically proved that men can’t recognize small color differences; women are more gifted in this respect. Men shouldn’t be disappointed as this website is aimed to help them. Crayon is a website where many colors are showcased, including their names and hexadecimal values. The design of the website is simplistic, but very pleasant!



Supremo has great page transitional effects and a very interesting navigational menu. A normal menu is situated in the header but a new, less conventional one, is in the fold. The sections are created in hexagonal shapes and overall the layout is very attractive.



This website is a great example for the statement that simplicity will always be appreciated. It’s the website of a very creative agency and I am pretty sure that they attracted many clients with this beautiful website. Almost everything is black and white in order to highlight the items from the portfolio.



From the first millisecond of website loading I fell in love with this website; the preloading plugin is very interesting. Secondly, I like the color scheme a lot – black and yellow, the most powerful contrast. Thirdly, but not lastly, the user experience is great!



Adam Woodhouse is a very talented designer and his portfolio is awesome. Everything is bold and strong and the images are HD – in conclusion it’s a great website and I think it deserves to be added in this list of honor.



Initially, I didn’t payed too much attention to this website and I was in doubt about adding it here. Shame on me, it is really an amazing website! Also, I feel ashamed by the fact that I was superficial. The story of this website is simple – it shows how the house of the future will look like in 2030. I think that you should visit the website yourself and see how your house will look like.



Another personal recommendation is this website. I think it is rather interesting (you may read worrying) for smokers, but it can be interesting for non-smokers as well. Aside the interesting information provided, the design is visually appealing.



I may be subjective because I like reading history and economy books, but I think that this website is extremely interesting. Regardless of the subject of the website, its design is awesome. The creative menu and the sliding effects are its strongest points.



It’s the last item in this list and I think that you need some relaxation. Insect Interviews is a funny website and if you are tired or bored, then you should visit it!
I hope that all the websites above will inspire you to be more creative. If you think that these are wonderfully crafted, then don’t be selfish and share the post with your friends. Also, please let us know which your favorite is!

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