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10 Awesome Premium Business Card Designs

So I try to keep you guys up to date with some great design resources around the net – and recently I ran up on a pretty cool design site that has a lot of resource roundups – If you are ever in the middle of a project and need some good inspiration when it comes to what kind of design resources are out there, or what would be best for your project – then I suggest you go over to our friends at CreativeStore.Co for the latest design resources.

Here is just a preview of what they have to offer

40 Most Impressive Business Card Designs

Hello There Business Card – Creation Kit

Modern business card template

Translucent Photographer Business Card

Color Prism Corporate Business Card

Scratch Business Card

Blue Ocean – Business Card Template

Colorful Clouds Business Card

Generic Business Card – Portrait & Landscape

Blog Me Business Card

Pattern Business Card

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