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These 4 Apps Set the Benchmark for Mobile Gaming Design

When you play great mobile games, you know that all the right elements have worked together to produce immersive gameplay. Mobile gaming is a growing niche as more people than ever use phones as a tool for entertainment. If you like mobile gaming design, here’s a guide to some of the apps that set the benchmark.

1. 888 Sport


888 Sport is an online betting app that offers players a convenient way to gamble without having to visit a bookmakers. On the app you can bet on many sports, such as horse racing, tennis and football. Another great part of this app is the live betting, where you can see sporting events shown in real time, with current odds, and easy ways to place bets quickly. The handy calculator shows you what your returns might be, so you don’t have to work it out yourself before placing a bet. Click here for more information on this app.

2. Fortnite


Fortnite is one of the most downloaded games for smartphones. The idea is to outlast your opponents as you travel around the map, avoiding the shrinking eye of the storm. You have a choice of guns, ammo and other weapons, plus you can build using different materials to create protection or to get to higher ground. Your opponents are real people also playing online, which adds to the challenge of this game. While Fortnite is often played on consoles, having it on a phone can help you complete those important challenges in your spare time.

3. Candy Crush Saga


Puzzle games are some of the most popular to play on mobile phones, and one game that has seen huge success is Candy Crush Saga. The aim is to get points and clear levels by matching different candy symbols and clearing them from the board. Each level has its own specific goal, such as matching candies in a set amount of time. This fun game is simple to play and is enjoyed by many.

4. Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is a mobile app that uses GPS so users can find game creatures in different locations around the globe. When you are near a Pokémon location, a player’s mobile phone will sound an alert. The target is to catch the Pokémon and train it. Then you can take on other trainers in Pokémon battles. You can also swap Pokémon with other trainers. Pokémon Go is one of the most successful mobile gaming apps, possibly due to the way it blends physical and virtual environments, which is not often a feature of mobile games.

The development of smartphones has allowed mobile gaming to advance rapidly, and no matter whether you have an iPhone or Android, there are some great games to play. Human beings are hard-wired to enjoy solving puzzles and games, whether it is the fun factor of winning money or the social aspect of gaming that makes it a fun hobby.

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