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Got a Mention in This Months Web Designer Magazine!


If you picked up this months Web Designer Magazine (a great publication that I read regularly) you may(or may not) have noticed that I was mentioned in it! I was ultra surprised and honored to be mentioned in one of my favorite magazines.

I found out through twitter when @lewisking and @mjnewham were like “Hey you are in this months web designer magazine!”. @mjnewham even scanned some pics of the mag for me! Since I live in the states I believe we are a month or two behind in copies. so I am still hunting for the magazine over here in the USA 🙂 although will probably have it soon! you can also follow Web Designer Mag on Twitter @webdesignermag!

The reason I was mentioned in the magazine was because of the Designer Interview I did on the blog, you can check out the interview here! There are also some other awesome Designer Interviews in their interviews section, check out the other interviews! One of my Fav interviews(other than mine of course!) Has to be one of my bud Calvin Lee, He is a great friend and a twitter legend. So check out Calvin’s Interview!

Anyway, Here are some screens of the mag in question! provided by @mjnewham(Thanks Martin!)



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