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40+ Scary, Silly, & Awesomely Unique Business Card & Card Holder Design Inspirations for Halloween

Well Halloween is around the corner – If you want some special business cards this month, here are some awesome ideas (Who doesn’t love zombie cards?). Or If you are just in love with Halloween themed things, or have a scary or halloween themed business, then these are for you. Whether you are working on a spooky project this month or just plan on doing some business card printing – I hope you find something here that inspires you!


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    Nice collection… I love that somebody specializes in making cookies shaped like skulls. That takes commitment!

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      LoL Yeah I thought that was pretty awesome too, the cookies actually look pretty creepy also, I kind of want to try to make some with the kids this year lol (mine would probably be yucky though) 🙂

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