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50+ Epic Cthulhu Design Inspirations – Illustrations & Artwork from Mythology

Today we have an epic post for you, if you like fantasy creatures! So I was watching Epic Meal Time (their latest episode, which is relevant, video at the end of the post) and I remembered how Awesome Cthulhu is. I had seen him a while back (several years), but I had forgotten exactly what he was, and how awesome he was. If you have no clue what Cthulhu is, then of course check the wiki page. I was a huge Greek Mythology fan growing up and in college (goes along with my love for history I guess) – while this is not Greek Mythology, it is a bit similar, just a fantasy creature with its own mythology built around its appearance in a book long ago. Hope you get inspired by this post in some way!


and here is that awesome and relevant Epic Meal Time Video I mentioned at the top

Meat Cthulhu – Epic Meal Time

It looks pretty disgusting, but still amazing haha. DeadMau5 also lays down some beats.

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