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25+ Awesome Birthday Wishes Post Card Ideas

If today is your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If today is not your birthday, then I bet you know someone who has a birthday today, or one coming up! Instead of wasting $4 on a generic card at the store (yeah those things are expensive now, like everything else lol) Why not try making one yourself? No one wants a stinky eCard these days, we have too many emails stressing us out all day everyday to care about that! (even though some of them are freaking hilarious.)

Making someone a Happy Bday card can really brighten someones day in todays world, the mail is another gloomy and desolate place, where no happyness usually lives – you just get bills and spam in the mail just like email, but you don’t check it nearly as often as you do your email. If I was to get any of these cards in the mail, I would be happy, because it would be a pleasant distraction and handmade cards really show how thoughtful you can be! It takes a lot of effort to do something like this, so if the person you are sending it to is special, it is the perfect thing to do! It doesn’t have to be fancy, just put your heart into it :). Today I have rounded up some awesome examples of Happy Birthday Wishes in Mailed Post Card Form! I hope that these projects inspire you to do something similar, or use that mail system for something other than bills! If you design your own postcard using a template or from scratch in Photoshop then you can easily find an online postcard printing service to print it out for you if you are sending it to a lot of friends and family, or if your just sending it to one or two friends you could probably print it out yourself! Or if your making a ‘crafty’ one then you wouldn’t even need to do that.

Just take this as another example of thinking outside of the box, do something you wouldn’t usually do, it will build your creative brain muscles and put a smile on someones face 😉 Here are some inspirations, now go, build, create, prosper! Enjoy!

Oh, and by the way, If you do like to make your own post cards then you would probably like these beautiful postcard designs to inspire some ideas :D.

Kids would love that!!

So Epic. I would love that for MY birthday haha – any type of 3D Paper Toy is a great idea!

Now that is funny

This is a good idea for a design if you are a company and are sending clients bday cards!

See how much effort it looks like that took? Whoever got it must feel loved!

Why So Serious? It’s just a birthday postcard lol

Another awesome paper toy! I would have loved these as a kid. Heck i’d enjoy them now! Better than getting a bill in the mail lol

Now this is just cool, an actual birthday postcard from the 1910’s or 1920’s – old school!!

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