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40 Epic, Creative, & Nerdy Print Poster Design Ideas & Inspirations That Any Geek Would Love

First off, Happy New Year! Second Off. I’ve always been a geek, my entire life. When I was growing up – I was a geek long before the rest of the world caught up (I am sure many of you can relate to this) So I was never really a big fan of putting up posters on my wall, because I hated sports and stuff like that and all the posters I ever saw were lame like that with just no creativity – they were all so dull. But if I were a kid today, there are so many amazing geek posters out there I would have my wall covered. Today here are some examples of said epic geek poster designs. I hope you love these star wars (& other geek & hero posters) and they inspire you on your next graphic design job or even your next poster project.


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