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Medium – A New Blogging Tool From Twitter

If you’re a blogger, there’s some great news for you. From the people who gave us Blogger and Twitter, comes Medium, a brand new blog platform. Evan Williams and Biz Stone very well suited because they really do know the long and short of content, having created a blog hosting site and a micro blogging site where there is a limit on the number of characters you use-140.

What is Medium?

If you’re unhappy about being hampered by Twitter and Blogger doesn’t do it for you anymore, then do consider Medium. What you’re being promised is a combination of the best of sites including Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest and of course, Blogger. Twitter also finds a way here where if you click on a blogger’s profile on Medium, you’re taken to their Twitter profile, where you will find links for their blog posts.

What Does Medium Do?

Williams and Stone believe that they are re-thinking publishing, making it better than what’s being offered right now. The feel of the site is minimalistic, sort of like what you may see on WordPress and there’s no limit on the type of blog post so you can post a write-up, a picture or both. Medium allows you to bunch your posts according to common points- they have cool stuff like ‘when I was a kid’, ‘been there. Loved that’ and ‘this happened to me’- and sort them even further according to popularity votes that the blog community can perform. You can post as many times as you’d like to any collection or start something on your own.

You can work together with other users on projects and ideas. This means that the burden of a single user to build interest is taken away and it becomes something everybody participates in and helps grow. You don’t even have to blog. If you just like to read and go through stuff, there is an option that will serve up the latest blog posts to you when you log on. And if posts are popular, they will pop up on your screen.

Is Medium A Game Changer?

It would be great if Medium paves the way for great quality that then gives rise to quality writing and posting. You can invite your friends and family members to check out the site too and once it is open to all, if you have content on the blog, it will seen by many readers. Right now the blog look rudimentary but that is bound to change as Medium becomes even more popular.

When you think about it, perhaps what Medium promises, in terms of better quality of content than a change in the way that content is shared, is actually a great thing. This is because while we have many different ways to put our information out there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the best stuff is out there. Right now, not everyone is allowed to post but if you have a Twitter account, you will be able to access the cool stuff on the site, so do check it out.

Medium brings the experience of over a decade, the expertise of the team behind two very popular websites and the belief that words have power and that quality is a necessity. Now that’s a win-win.

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