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4 Ways to Increase Your Earning Power

We all want to make more money. But doing so can be tricky. Many of us are busy as it is, with little time for applying to new jobs, schools, or training courses. Does it make sense for us to cram our schedules with new obligations? And for those of us with lots of free time, that can be the problem. How can we build our resumes without jobs?

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It’s not easy to increase your earning power, but if you act wisely you’ll find that it’s not impossible, either. Here are a few ways to get the raise you deserve.

Training and school

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Here’s one key question that everyone should ask about their job: what is the next step up in the same type of work?

If the answer isn’t easy to see, it may be that your job is the best one you can get with your current qualifications. To rise in your industry, you may need additional training or schooling. Or you may need to switch industries entirely, in which case new training may be vital.

So while you may be very busy, it’s worth considering night school or weekend training to improve your resume. But don’t jump into just any type of training course or degree. Seek out the people in the jobs that you want and ask them what training they have – or just look them up on LinkedIn and check. You should see pretty quickly which training courses are right for you.

Training services companies and schools are also great because they often provide employment resources, like job boards and resume help, that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Strike out on your own

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Starting a business is a scary thing, but it’s sometimes your best bet for an improved income. If you’re currently at the top of your trade but working for someone else, maybe it’s time that you took out a loan and started a business of your own! You’ll make a lot more as the owner of an auto shop than as the top mechanic in somebody else’s, and the same is true for everything from plumbing to practicing law.

Of course, you’ll want to be very careful. Research your idea, your business’s location, and everything else you can think of. Turn to an attorney that specializes in starting businesses in your industry, and get the paperwork done right. Make sure your business is organized to reduce the risk to your personal finances.

If you do everything right, though, you could be on your way to a very successful future!

Change employers

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When you stick around at a company, you’ll get small raises. Get a promotion, and you’ll get a bigger one. Change companies, and you can likely get a bigger one still!

This isn’t necessarily because your company doesn’t value you. But employers are more likely to bust out the big bucks when they’re trying to lure in new talent – and poach it from the competition. So when you eye advancement, be sure to look outside of your current employer. You could get an offer for more money, which you could then take – or bring back to your current employer to match.

Fill an empty resume

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For some of us, little of this advice will apply. If your resume is sparse, you may want to head back to school – or you may want to fill your resume by doing as much as you can without a job. One great method is volunteering, which can provide you with opportunities to demonstrate your capabilities and take on responsibilities even if you don’t have a job. You can also work on a freelance basis, which will give you some income and provide you with some chances to build a portfolio and connections in your industry.

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