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Introducing Outdoor Space in your Business: What You Need to Know

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Your workspace says a lot about your business. Ideally, your company should be based in an area that is open, inclusive and says something about your brand’s core values. Aside from the aesthetic considerations, a well-designed workspace can also be a huge benefit to your employees, helping to provide the right atmosphere for them to be at their most productive.

Increasingly, businesses are incorporating outdoor areas into their working environment, giving their staff a welcome contrast from traditional office life. Introducing some green space into the working day comes with a number of benefits, but also a few considerations that businesses should be aware of.

An inspiring environment

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Mankind has been inspired by the natural world for centuries but, unfortunately, opportunities for this inspiration seem to be available less and less. The average person in the US now spends around 90 per cent of their time indoors, which means that individuals can sometimes feel disconnected from the natural world.

Introducing some outdoor space into the office can be the ideal way of bringing some vibrancy back into the workplace. Even the most enthusiastic employee can get into a rut sometimes and a change of scenery can be the perfect way of refreshing themselves mentally.

A workspace or a relaxing space?

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Another question that businesses must ask themselves is whether they view their outdoor space as a continuation of the working area or a place for employees to recharge. Depending on the weather, green spaces would make perfect meeting areas or collaboration spaces, but this comes with its own logistical issues.

Is your work equipment portable enough to be taken outside or do you want to invest in office furniture that can be placed outdoors permanently? You may also want to consider whether your employees could become distracted by working outdoors.

You could ultimately make your outdoor environment a free space available for both working and recharging the batteries, but you then risk trying to do too much with a limited space. In either case, introducing an outdoor area needs some careful planning before it is implemented.

Maintaining your space

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Introducing some green space into your business can work wonders, but what about maintaining it?

Employing extra members of staff is an option, but then you would have to compare the additional financial outgoings against the productivity benefits enjoyed by your other employees. An alternative would be to purchase a professional irrigation system from a company that will install it for you.

Irrigation systems are used to cover residential and commercial spaces, so there will certainly be a system available that fits the kind of green space that you are looking to introduce in the area around your workplace. Something as simple as a fresh green lawn can really lift spirits in your office, particularly in the summer months, but a poorly maintained one could ultimately have the opposite effect.

An outdoor area has worked wonders for many businesses based in urban areas, by allowing staff to experience a slice of the countryside right outside their place of work. So, if your workspace needs brightening up, it could be a natural fit.

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