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SEO Considerations For Designing & Developing A Website

You can easily count the number of businesses that do not have a web presence. Yes, mostly every business has a website even before setting up a real entity. All these efforts are to popularize their business and spread their existence to the world. Designing and developing a website is considered as the best marketing tool and here comes the need for Search Engine Optimization. Only if your website is optimized for search engines, they have the possibility of being ranked higher in the top search pages. SEO augments your business visibility by listing your site when an end user searches for a particular product or service. Many web design firms also have experts for performing SEO operations which help make your website come out as an SEO Optimized product if certain SEO considerations are taken into account at the time of the designing and developing of the website. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when optimizing for search engines:

Importance of Web Design

Designing An SEO Friendly Website

An appealing and simple web design helps you to get higher rankings in the search engines. This is mainly due to certain benefits like easy navigation, quicker loading time, user-friendly design and many others. The expertise of a web designer does depend on their skills when developing a multimedia and flash rich website but rests actually in developing a simple user-centered design that encourages interaction and takes advantage of modern progressive web standards (js, css3, html5, no flash, etc.). Your web design should express the goals and objectives of your business while steadily serving its purpose. Only a professional web designer and developer can craft you the best-in-class website with inbuilt SEO techniques, attracting the users and persuading their purchasing decision.

Factors of SEO to consider for Web Design

SEO Guide for Designers

Websites are generally developed to reach the target group and not to keep it to yourself. The end users find your website through these search engines that track your site only if it optimized and search-engine friendly. Most renowned search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo trace and rank your website based on the keywords used in your web pages. All you need to do initially is to use a Google Adword keyword tool to find the appropriate keywords for your domain (You might even need to purchase a new domain that has more relevancy to your desired keywords). You can get Top Level Domains (TLDs), which helps in getting better rankings based on those keywords. Embrace these keywords in the images and title tag on every page. Ensure that all your external and internal navigation links have the proper keywords in the anchor text signifying about the landing page. Do not load your website with bulk images as it might consume more time for loading and search engines do not encourage websites that take time to load. Update your content regularly as search engines and your customers prefer fresh information. Use Google Sitemap and keep it posted regularly. Try to avoid broken links and too many outgoing links. Ensure that your website has W3C compliant. Use Meta tag description and robot.txt file enabling Google bots to trace and block the duplicate and needless content.

Choosing your CMS Carefully

Are You Setting Up WordPress For SEO Success?

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc., will help you in having efficient and orderly HTML code. This facilitates the search engines to pull your website during the search process. A CMS is absolutely user-friendly and you can make regular updates to your website without the aid of any technical expert or a professional web designer. A content management system provides modules, plug-ins and other tools for controlling Meta tags and improves the loading time.

Search engines love regular updates, relevant keywords and brand new content every time to showcase your website as the pioneer in the market with adequate knowledge to share and educate the ultimate users.

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