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100+ Best Free Icons

ICONS. They are everywhere these days! In the olden days, we had to design every icon we ever used! Now, thanks to the internet, it seems that designers all over have already designed every imaginable icon, and kindly provides it for everyone to use in their own projects. The problem with this over-saturation of icons is that it has become increasingly hard to find the best icons – there are a lot of “ok” icons that are mediocre. Todays post is to try and help solve this issue – we have seen a lot of amazing icon sets lately so we decided to put them all together in a post for you guys to easily find and use in your next project – whether it be a web design or a web application that needs a lot of icons and dials to accent your data with, we got you covered! Hope you enjoy!

Thin Stroke Icons

UI Icons + Free Pack PSD

44 Shades of Free Icons (set)

Slowly But Surely – UPDATE: Free Download

Crisp Icon Set

Social Network Icons

Mimi Glyphs Free PSD File

Free Colorful Icons

Gemicon – Free Icon Set

Batch – 300 Pictographs for Web & User Interface Design

Mini glyphs (12 px) – Free PSD

Free Flat Icons

2600 Free Flag Icon Set

Bijou — Free Icon Set

Free Flat Icons

Michael Dolejš’s – Free Colorful Icons

Flat UI Free – PSD&HTML User Interface Kit

Pixel Free UI Icon Set

Free UI Icons

Free Sketch Icon Set

Free Light Switches Icon (PSD)

Free Icons

Gmail – Icon – FREE PSD

Free Realistic Gmail Icon Free PSD

GoSocial: a free icon set (with PSDs, of course)

Free Flat Icons

Free Icons Set

Free Weather Icon Font

Free Vintage Icon Set

Free Application Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH)

Tinycons: Freebie Pack

Batman Icon Collection – Freebie .psd

Free Google Chrome In Black Icon

Chunky Pika Icon Set (42 Icons, PNG, AI)

Mobile Flagships with PSD

Sharp pixel-icons (FREE)

Linecons Free Vector Icons

Free Icons as SVG, PNG, CSS Sprites or Web Fonts

What was your favorite Icon Set from the list?? Have you designed a hot new icon that you think looks awesome? Share with the class and let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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