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100+ Epic Transformers Art

Being a geek that was born in the 80’s, like many of you, I grew up with Transformers, and I loved them (I still do, but I used to, too). Those little robots have a place in my geeky heart – starting from humble plastic toys they have been in TV, Movies, Comics, and Games – and rightly so! They have even transformed (transformception?) from one series to the next, being everything from cars and machines to dinosaurs and beasts (I loved beast wars, I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me haha. Maximals Vs. Predacons!). The recent movies that were created I was never a huge fan of though, but I did enjoy them, they just weren’t the same. Nothing can replace for me the feeling of nostalgia I get whenever I see Transformers in their original classic style! Lets take a closer look at the history of our favorite robots in disguise.

History Of The Transformers

Here is a little brief overview of the Transformers History, if you are a history buff of all geek culture things like me, you might want to delve deeper into the rabbit hole and visit the wiki page for a more detailed breakdown of all of the series lists, movies, toys, and even conventions haha.

Transformers (トランスフォーマー Toransufōmā) is an entertainment franchise created by Takara Tomy and distributed by Hasbro in America. Beginning with the Transformers toy line, the franchise centers on factions of transforming alien robots (often the Autobots and the Decepticons) in an endless struggle for dominance or eventual peace. In its decades-long history, the franchise has expanded to encompass comic books, animation, video games and films. It was originally a Japanese toy franchise.

The term “Generation 1” covers both the animated television series The Transformers and the comic book series of the same name, which are further divided into Japanese and British spin-offs, respectively. Sequels followed, such as the Generation 2 comic book and Beast Wars TV series, which became its own mini-universe. Generation 1 characters underwent two reboots with Dreamwave in 2001 and IDW Publishing in 2005, also as a remastered series. There have been other incarnations of the story based on different toy lines during and after the 20th-Century. The first was the Robots in Disguise series, followed by three shows (Armada, Energon, and Cybertron) that constitute a single universe called the “Unicron Trilogy”. A live-action film was also released in 2007, with a sequel in 2009, a second sequel in 2011, and a third sequel coming out in 2014 again distinct from previous incarnations, while the Transformers Animated series merged concepts from the G1 story-arc, the 2007 live-action film and the “Unicron Trilogy”. Transformers: Prime currently airs on The Hub.

Although initially a separate and competing franchise started in 1983, Tonka’s Gobots became the intellectual property of Hasbro after their buyout of Tonka in 1991. Subsequently, the universe depicted in the animated series Challenge of the GoBots and follow-up film GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords was retroactively established as an alternate universe within the Transformers franchise.

Today we have compiled a completely Epic list of Transformers Art! Most of the pieces in this collection depict the transformers in the classic style that we grew to love, so prepare to relive all of those childhood memories! These pieces range from serious illustrations from comics all the way to fun loving and creative fan artwork – there is a little something for everyone as always! I hope that these beautiful works of art Inspire you and revitalize your Energon Levels to OVER 9000! Whatever you get out of this post, I hope you Enjoy!

Well Thats Just PRIME… for a sketch! See what I did there? eh? EH?… I’ll let myself out.

Such an epic battle scene, love the details!!

Love the Illustrative style of this – such a great tribute to the transformers franchise!

Now THAT is the Optimus Prime I remember from my geeky childhood memories. Badass!!

One of my favorite Decepticons!! Soundwave! I still have him in toy form lol.

This was done the traditional way with pen ink! Amazing! Love the shot of Cybertron in the background

That, is freaking fantastic. Love the colors.

The Fearless Leader! Epic colors on the original OP!

Transformers Vs. Zombies!? ERMAHGERD. *GEEKGASM*

HOLY CRAP. I don’t think Optimus Prime has ever looked more badass. I love this one.

So Awesome. I wonder how they got them all together for this picture. lulz.

Grimlock! Fun Fact – Mogorva is Grimlock’s Hungarian Name.

Of Course Grimlock turned into a giant awesome dinosaur – reminds me of Beast Wars! lol

Megatron is not pleased.


Watch out, Skrillex. lol.

As a Dad – D’Awww thats cute.

Classic Transformers Scene. Good ole bots, just having fun saving the world and causing major structural damage to the city lol

Looks like someone ate the last donut. lol. Epic Illustration!!

Tribute To The Autobots!

Galvatron is wicked cool!

Ultra Magnus!

LOVE the detail in this!


Classic Bumblebee!

Painted Canvas Transformers!

Need MOAR Transformers Artwork Goodness!? Behold, More Sources of Geeky Inspiration and Robotic Nostalgia for thine pleasure! MY CUP RUNNETH OVER!

Tribute To Transformers The Movie: 86 Inspiring Artworks

Concept Art Illustration For Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Concept Art Illustration For Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

80′s Transformers Box Art

What was your favorite piece of Transformers Art? Found any awesome transformer designs, posters, or fan art that we may have missed? Share with the class in the comments below! Thanks for Reading!

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