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30 Best Hong Kong Street Photography

Hong Kong has emerged as one of the hot favorite tourist destinations of the world. This metropolis is legally a dependency of China but it has its own laws, constitutions, government and other independent systems. Once this island country was a British colony and still now the cityscape represents a perfect blend of the western and oriental style art and architecture. Thus, this city attracts photographers from all round the world as they have plenty of places to explore. However, it is mainly the crowded streets of Hong Kong that draws the attention of the photographers.

Photographs In The Streets of Hong Kong

While trotting around the metropolis with a camera, photographers are going to come across the localities and even the tourists enjoying a traditional cuisine in the shady food courts sitting on plastic stools, they are also going to see people enjoying coffee in the lobbies of the plush hotels. Along with the traditional style architectures, which dominate some parts of the city, the visitors can also capture the pictures of the contemporary style high rises. The boat fish market, the road side food stall and the western style market with a touch of Chinese style also present before the photographers a perfect opportunity to click some unique shots.

In this blog post, we have collected thirty awesome and unique photographs of the street of Hong Kong. These will inspire the photography buffs to visit this awesome travel destination and stroll around with their camera to capture some great shots. So enjoy hopping around the city through these photographs.

1. Temple Street-Life

2. Hong Kong Life by Luke Chan

3. Hong Kong Streets

4. Fa Yuen Street

5. Garden street

6. Boat Fish Market

7. Food Stall

8. A Real US Dollar

9. Hong Kong Life

10. Lunch Break

11. Fish Tank Artist

12. Hong Kong Market

13. Hong Kong by Mario Jorge Lopes

14. Photograph by Sobieck

15. Erhu Players

16. Hong Kong Old Man

17. Street life at night

18. Give me the look

19. Stanley Street

20. Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

21. Street Market, Hong Kong

22. Fresh

23. On the streets of Hong Kong

24. Taking to Market

25. Wig Shopping Hong Kong

26. There’s So Much Going On In The Streets

27. Hong Kong Nights

28. Life Is Tough

29. The Art of Lighting a Street Market

30. On The Streets of Hong Kong by Zeenon

What was your favorite photo from the streets of Hong Kong? Have you been there? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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