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5 Simple Steps for Sticking to a Regular Blogging Schedule

As a copywriter, certain days are definitely harder than others. Certain day’s content will flow, and writing is quite simple, yet other days you will stare at a blank piece of paper for hours, with nothing to put down. With deadlines, calendar dates to meet, and schedules, you have to find ways to get over that writer’s block, in order to get the content out to those who are paying you for it.

With blogging, this is even more so the case; you have viewers and readers who are waiting for quality content, and expect something from you on a regular basis. So, what do you do when the writer’s block kicks in? These are a few simple writing tips you can follow, that are going to help you get back on track, and get the writing process started, even if you have nothing in particular you want to write about.

Build A List

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If you blog in a particular niche, you probably read other blogs in the same niche, and keep up on the news in that industry. If you do this, you can make a list, and present this to your readers, on the days where you are having a hard time putting together content, yet want to deliver something useful to them.

Reach Out To Guest Bloggers

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If you don’t know what to write, call on a guest blogger; but, make sure they are reputable and trusted in your niche audience. You can also guest blog on top niche sites to build your readership yourself. But, on the days you simply can’t put pen to paper, call other professionals, and have them guest blog for you.

Set Aside Days For Doing Your Work

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If you set specific topic dates, you can focus on a specific area, and build the content from that. Each day has a topic, making it easier for you to compile other sources, and build up from there, rather than trying to focus on several areas, or topics that you can possibly write about for the day.

Keep It Short

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You do not always have to put out longer posts; in some cases, and for certain topics, powerful images, and the right headline are going to suffice for the readers who follow your blog.

Consider Reviewing Books

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If you write reviews on this topic, many publishers will send you books to review on your blog, especially if you are a trusted blogger on the topic. Or, if you find particular interest in certain books, call the publisher and request a copy; if this does not work, simply pick books you enjoy, and publish your own review on the book, and the content that you have read. This will give you a specific blog for a specific day, and it will give your readers something of value on your blog.

Although you get stumped every now and again, this does not have to stop you for too long; there are certain things you can do, to get back on target, and start writing again.

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