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7 Simple Steps to Becoming an Awesome Copywriter

With more content online and more competition being an industry leader is harder to do today than it was when businesses just started online. Text is possibly the easiest and most affordable form of content, but it is also the toughest to get right. In order to excel, becoming a better writer is the first step in standing out. If you follow that, and the other 6 steps we have outlined for you today then you will be well on your way to becoming an awesome copywriter and a leading figure in your industry!

Excel As A Writer

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With copywriting, practice doesn’t make you perfect, but it is sure to make you better. A blank page is one of the most intimidating thing to face and overcome for some; so, write something, get started, and eventually you will have some sort of content. Even if it is not great, over time you can continue to work on it in order to perfect the pieces that you are creating. The first step is get to writing.


7 Tips to Finding “Your” Writing Voice

No matter what content you put out, it is likely that someone else has done it before you. So, the only way to truly stand out is to give your work your own personality; the more you relate, and the closer people feel to you, the more people are going to want to read what you produce. But, don’t make it all about you; keep a balance, and keep your reader in mind as you are creating the content you want to put out there.

Technical Side

25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer

Your writing talent speaks volumes, but with competition, you need a bit more. So, putting out technical data and informative pieces will also give your work credibility, position yourself as an expert, and will make your writing more accepted by readers.

Observe And Report

36 Writing Essays by Chuck Palahniuk

Reading and observing what others have done, is an easy way for you to improve on your content. The more you read, and the more forms of literature you read, the better your content is going to become over time. You also have to read what your competitors produce; you do not want to plagiarise their work, but you do have to work in the same realm as they are. So, looking at their work, and building your own content, on similar topics, is something that you should do.

Structure Your Writing

Writing Tips for Crafting Compelling Sentences

In your writing, add breaks. From tables and charts, to white space, you want to break the content up to make it easier for your audience to digest it. If it is a page full of text, you will lose your reader as their eyes glaze over. We don’t have much of an attention span these days, so break it up.

Link Relevant Content

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Linking to older posts is a great way to build your reputation and add value to your articles and writing (not to mention it helps you to build SEO value), and to get your content out there, to those who are looking to read it. Put yourself out there, your audience surely wants to read more of your content, so give it to them!

Keep A Good Length

Blogging Your Way To A Stellar Reputation

Today, SEO looks more at longer documents, and elaborate pieces, so try to go longer. If you can try to go for 300+ words, you are going to attract higher SEO ratings. Not to mention your audience will appreciate the extra attention to detail and insight into the subject that you are helping them with.

You have to make sure your content is clean and that it is something readers want to read. You have to add your own personality in to it, make it clear and concise, and make the content something of value in order to get readers and in order to ensure you are continually going to have a steady base of individuals who are interested in what you produce. Most of all though, have fun! If you hate what you are writing about, change the subject. No one wants to read what you wrote about something you have no passion for, and you certainly do not want to write it! Do what you love :).

What are your favorite writing tips? What helps you churn out that beautiful copy? Let us know in the comments below – thanks for reading!

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    This is an excellent resource.

    I have been trying really hard lately to link out to relevant content and it has actually turned out to help me beyond just being a good experience for the reader.

    I linked out to a blogger and he ended up tweeting about it – I didn’t even tell him about it – and it ended up bringing in some really good traffic.

    thanks for this resource!

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