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Making Money as a Writer: 5 Tried and Tested Ways of Earning

Are you stuck in your current job and looking for new opportunities? Always dreamed of writing for a living? Now is a perfect time! Today, content is everything, and employers


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How to Write a Winning Sales Bio for Your Personal Brand

First impressions count, even online. As an entrepreneur or freelancer, your professional bio is one of the most important assets in your business development arsenal. Sure, upon words lie the


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7 Fatal Mistakes that Businesses Make with their Blog

There was a time — we’re talking more than a decade ago — when business blogs were the exception rather than the norm. In fact, like Facebook, Twitter and other


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UX Writing: 7 Best Ways of Microcopy in E-commerce

The user experience on an e-commerce website is essential for success. Even a minor neglected element can result in losing a lot of potential buyers that may not visit your


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5 Grammar Tips for the Web that You Need to Follow

Are you an avid blogger? Are you think about starting a new website? Or maybe you just like posting on social media a lot. No matter your situation, if you



5 Signs You Are An Ecommerce Beginner

It seems like everyone and their mother wants to ride the ecommerce gravy train, but riding to success isn’t so simple. Many business owners just starting out have a lot


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How to Make Canned Message More Effective

Canned messages, also known as canned responses, are usually predefined answers to frequently asked questions, which can be used during daily communications to provide quick and accurate responses. Properly used,


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7 Simple Steps to Becoming an Awesome Copywriter

With more content online and more competition being an industry leader is harder to do today than it was when businesses just started online. Text is possibly the easiest and