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How to Increase Workplace Efficiency

It’s every boss and manager’s dream to have a well-oiled, efficient work environment. It can make or break a company’s very survival.

When everything is in sync and going well, you won’t worry about it too much, and why should you! Employees are happy, and your team is hitting their targets.

But what happens when there’s a roadblock? Something unforeseen happens, or new high-volume and repetitive tasks are taking their toll on motivation.

Here are some proven tips to get your workplace running as smoothly as possible.

Getting the right tools for the job

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Time and productivity are vital to accomplishing goals and reaching targets. You’ll want to make sure that you choose the correct software that fits your needs and is within budget. Often the best ones have a small monthly price. But in the long-term, such a low cost is worth it to create streamlined workflows.

Assigning projects and tasks to employees, and tracking time spent and deadlines accurately can go a long way to improving your workplace efficiency.

Getting the right tools also means finding those pieces of machinery and other equipment that are going to make everything you do so much more efficient. There are many solutions you might look to for this, such as a cnc machining service or some kind of automation. But the whole point is to find those tools which are likely to actually work for your workplace.


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Whether your teams are working remotely, in a regular office environment, or both – strong communication is a critical component of success. It can be easy to lose track of emails and personal messages, especially when using multiple platforms. It’s best to stick to one platform, such as Slack to keep everything organised in one place. Which also makes it easier to manage and keep track of all the threads.

Automate tasks

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Repetitive, high-volume tasks not only eat into your employees time but can be a real motivation killer. Data entry and reporting can be rather dull at the best of times. Manufacturing companies have already taken great strides in implementing automation, such as robotic arms and automated production lines.

And today, software companies have created Robotic program automation software (RPA) which allows you to create your own virtual workforce. The program mimics your employee’s actions, such as creating and sending a report.

Companies have even taken it one step further. They now have the ability to detect which processes can be automated, allowing you to create more virtual workers to automate even more tasks. This allows your employees more time to focus on critical duties and responsibilities, while the software identifies processes to automate.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

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Delegating tasks can be one of the hardest tasks for you as a manager. It requires that you trust your employee whole-heartedly. You’ll want to make sure that you give responsibility to the most qualified employee, preferably with a proven success rate.

If you don’t delegate, it will only be a matter of time until you drown under your list of tasks and responsibilities. Don’t forget that giving your workers the chance to gain new skills and a sense of achievement will benefit your company.

Create a Clear Goal

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For your employees to be most effective, ensure you create and set clear goals which are precisely defined, and achievable. A crystal clear goal helps build focus, but if it’s not achievable your employees won’t give you their best effort.

If you’re not using the ”SMART” formula, now is a great time to begin. It stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Use this formula when assigning tasks and goals and make sure that each step is clearly defined for your workers to help them become efficient.

Embrace Remote Work

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Don’t shy away from remote workers. You should instead embrace them! Reports have shown that when working remotely, employees are logging more hours, taking less sick leave, have better overall performance, are more engaged with your business, and overall they’re more productive.

Another incentive if you’re not convinced yet is the reduced costs of allowing your workforce to work remotely. It could be saving on office costs, or hiring cheaper labor from abroad.

Some studies have even shown evidence that open space offices can be detrimental to your employees efficiency.

Focus On What Matters

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Don’t be afraid to remove tasks that don’t have any value, or you’ve been doing them because ”we’ve always done them”. You may find that many jobs can be delegated to a virtual workforce or obliterated with zero effect on your business.

Reinforce Positivity

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If you want to increase workplace efficiency, create a positive environment. You can motivate and encourage your employees with more than monetary rewards. Let employees know when they’ve been doing a great job and don’t shy away from giving constructive criticism.

What other perks can you employ to create a happy place of work? Have happy hours, free coffee and doughnuts, a day off for achieving vital targets…there’s no limit to your imagination.

When employees can link success with a sense of achievement and fulfilment, they’ll perform better and motivate other employees to work harder.

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