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Must-Know Google Blogger Tips & Tricks

Google Blogger is one of the simplest blogging platforms that the virtual world has ever seen. There are several platforms on which you can host your blog, but if you want to keep it simple yet effective, Google Blogger would be the best choice. It doesn’t have much sophistication, but it is a great tool for beginners. There is also a wide scope for those who look forward to making money blogging. You might just be at the verge of starting your own blog with Google Blogger or you might have been a Blogger for quite some time and are looking for effective ways to promote your blog. This post aims at giving you essential tips for effective blogging on Blogger.

Blogger for Beginners – Free eBook Guide

Choosing The Right Domain Name

The Effective Strategy For Choosing Right Domain Names

The basic thing you need to look into is the name of your blog. As you begin blogging, your blog might not get the expected attention, but as time goes by, it will find the right audience. At this point, the name of your blog plays an important role. Not everyone who visits your blog will subscribe to it, therefore, you need to find an attractive and easy to remember name so that they will visit it again in the future.

Knowing The Unknown – Learn Some HTML

HTML & CSS – The VERY Basics

It would be highly helpful if you could learn some basic HTML codes that will improvise your blog. You don’t have to learn the entire HTML language. Just learn the basics from a good tutorial available online and make your blog more interesting. The quality of content is what matters most, but if you provide a good experience to visitors, they will not fail to visit your blog in the future. Therefore, learn HTML basics to make your blog different from most others.

Add Cool Widgets

25 Best Blogger Widgets

There are plenty of widgets available for Google Blogger. However, not all of them will be helpful to your blog. Choose some standard ones to make the readers feel comfortable and also use some different widgets that are not commonly used by other blogs. This will make your blog stand out from the rest. You will want to try different widgets and test the look and feel of them before finally deciding what you’re going to use.

Scheme a Theme

8 Blogger Themes that Might Make You Consider Using Blogger Again

The theme of your blog plays an important role. People remember what they see for a long time. And, if they see something they like chances are that they will remember it for a longer time or they may not forget it. So, choose a nice theme for your blog to make people remember it. The theme shouldn’t be spilled with bright colors, but have pleasant colors that will impact the mood of the visitors.

Move Around

Top 10 Inspirational Bloggers Who Are Good At Being Grateful

Ask yourself if you’re confining yourself to your own blog. If you answer in the affirmative, it’s time you move out and around the other blogs. There’s a lot of fun and valuable stuff out there which will help you learn and connect with other people. Read others’ blogs and register your honest comments. This will help you get yourself noticed and also give you a nice learning experience.

These are some of the tricks to have a successful blogging experience. Try these and you will find your blog which was staying in the depths, surfacing shortly afterward. Have any of your own blogger tips? Leave them in the comments below – Thanks For Reading!

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