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B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

Today every new business needs to have a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing started to grow out of traditional marketing processes in the late nineties. However, it’s in the last


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Back to the Basics: Make Sure Your Business Has These Fundamental Needs Covered

All businesses, great and small, start out as a seed of an idea planted in the mind of the founder. Every one of them started out with the best intentions.


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Why You Should Learn to Code

Programming is commonly viewed as something that most people can’t do because it requires a person to have a strong analytical and logical mind accompanied by an ability to solve



Your Website Is Your Most Valuable Tool When It Comes To Effective Marketing

The perils of many small businesses usually revolve around the budget. Do you have enough to cover your overheads? Have you been paid the all-important invoices before the end of


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Must-Know Google Blogger Tips & Tricks

Google Blogger is one of the simplest blogging platforms that the virtual world has ever seen. There are several platforms on which you can host your blog, but if you


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What You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimisation

Despite the vast majority of people now being computer literate to at least some degree, the concept of search engine optimisation is still foreign to many. Tell someone you own


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Web Design Fundamentals That Every Web Designer Must Know

All it takes to create a professional and well-organized website is the expertise of the web designer blended with latest techniques, current market trends and the greater understanding of the