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3 Blogging Tips for Conservation Efforts

For as long as you can remember, you have wanted to do whatever you could to save the Earth. From switching from traditional sources of electricity to solar power and recycling everything possible to relying on hybrid vehicles that have low emissions, you truly live a green lifestyle.

Now, in an effort to get other people on board with you and take great care of the planet, you have launched a conservation-themed site. But while you are definitely passionate about this important topic and want to inspire others to feel the same, you also realize that it takes more than a great subject to make a blog successful. In order to get people to read your blog and take action about conservation, consider the following tips:

Tug at Your Readers’ Heartstrings

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Many of the decisions we make are based on our emotions. In order to get people on board with you and your conservation cause, you should think about doing something with the blog that will elicit certain feelings, including trust, optimism, sympathy, optimism and—if you play your cards right—sadness.

For example, do you remember those heart-wrenching commercials by the ASPCA that showed sad-looking animals who had been mistreated while Sarah McLachlan sang “Arms of an Angel” in the background? They were an extremely effective—albeit depressing—way to get the organization’s point across in a manner that made people want to help every homeless animal on Earth.

In a similar manner, you may wish to include some footage of oil-soaked birds or other wildlife that has been negatively impacted by a lack of conservation efforts and highlight them on the blog along with some background music. To find the tunes that are somber enough for the serious theme but also inspirational, check out the selection on Shutterstock—they not only list the names of the songs that are available but also the genre and the mood, which includes adjectives like wistful, hopeful and confident.

Make It Easy to Read




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Your blog can include the best-written and most compelling information possible, but if people don’t take the time to read it, all of your hard work will be for naught. As Income Diary notes, since the headlines and images will be the first thing your readers will see, you should make sure they work well together and help entice people to stay on the page.

In general, headlines that use terms like “Little-Known Facts” or “Top 5 Tips” or similar topics will pique the interest of readers. Breaking up your blog posts into bullet points can also help to maintain their interest and keep people reading until the end of your posts.

Give Your Readers a Job

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While you want to educate your readers about the importance of conservation, you also want them to actually do something tangible about it. As Pro Blogger notes, a great way to do this is to ask visitors to your blog to do something specific once they have finished reading. This can range from asking them to share the post on their own social media pages—if this is the case, include a clickable “share” button that they can use to easy re-post it, or ask them to make a comment or share their thoughts about your post.

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