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UI/UX Then and Now

Constant evolution – look around you in the world of technology and you’ll see it everywhere. Nothing stays the same for very long, nothing is static. It’s one of the


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What Will the Next Generation of Smartphones Look Like?

It is quite remarkable to think that just over a decade ago, consumers did not have much choice if they wanted a smartphone. As opposed to the modern-day luxury of


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Cyber Attack Prevention

The Internet is full of threats. Phishers, malware, Trojan horses and other sneaky cyber crime techniques can devastate a business or an individual. While there are steps you can take


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What is a Firewall and How Can it Help Businesses?

Customer data is the lifeblood of business success. Without it, businesses would not be able to make the decisions—price points, what products to develop, and services to offer, for example—that


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SSL Certificates: Getting to Know the Basics

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a critical security tool that can help site owners protect data transmissions between their servers and the users. SSL is used on a wide


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Why Infographics are Still Relevant

Infographics aren’t a new concept. The ability to quickly convey large sets of data or complicated subjects in a quick and clear manner is a winning tool – and it’s


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How To Grow Your Blog and Become A Successful Blogger

Many new bloggers focus on creating content, hoping their next blog post will finally put them on the map and earn them thousands of visitors. But if you’ve been blogging