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How to Make Customers Feel Important to Create Loyalty

Less than one third of consumers say that they are loyal to a brand or company. Without loyalty, there is a great possibility that the consumer will switch to a


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Lessons in Digital Design: 3 Major Elements You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

Web designers always find it tricky when trying to maintain the balance between functionality and the website design to maximise the web user’s experience. For people that are learning about


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The Best (and Free) SEO Tools for 2016

SEO has always been an ongoing effort. You can’t just set up an SEO campaign and expect the best results that last forever. This is part of the reasons why


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Listen Up Small Business Owners: Benefits of Using a Call Service

The owners of small and medium businesses need to try and keep a sharp watch on their expenses. However, they also need to take the necessary steps to help their


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Tech Myth: Will Magnets Ruin Your Credit Cards?

Have you heard the rumour that placing your credit card or debit card near a magnet can irreversibly damage it? Although it is true that your credit card does contain


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Important Financial Management Tips To Help a Business Owner

One of the best ways for a person to get the freedom they are looking for in their work situation is by taking the time to start their own business.


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How Encryption Will Impact Business in 2016

According to Sandvine intelligent broadband networks, 70 percent of the global Internet traffic will be encrypted by the end of 2016. Encryption can help protect your data, and is a