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How to Nail Shabby Chic, Give Your Photos Antique Allure

Shabby Chic is very much grounded in a shameless love of old things, and the grace of wear and tear. It’s an affirmation that antique is every bit as glamorous


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How Set Designers Bring Creative Visions to Life on Stage and Screen

Mad Max: Fury Road raked in numerous accolades at this year’s Oscars, winning six out of 10 nominations. Art director Colin Gibson and set decorator Lisa Thompson shared the award


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Lossless vs. Lossy Compression: What’s the Difference?

All of electronic media is, in some sense, data that is reduced from an original copy. It begins with the capturing of the event. That captured moment or series of


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These 20 Newly Pre-built WordPress Websites Examples Offer a Ton of Possibilities

When your clients are universally delighted with your website creations, it’s either because they think you can perform magic, or because they know that you constantly keep up with the


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Create Animations, Backgrounds and Effects With Abstract Patterns Using Amberlight 2

It’s not all that often that a new design tool comes around that really changes the game in a niche – but when we do, we definitely pass the find


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Freelancing Contracts: Are They Necessary?

When money is involved, contracts are necessary. Come to think of it, even when work is being done for free, some type of formal agreement needs to be in place.


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10 Awesome Freebies To Stock Up On

From templates to themes, to patterns to icons, we’ve rounded up a series of 10 freebies that a designer must have in his resource box. Which of these freebies do


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History of Mobile Phones Told Through Interactive Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

I stumbled upon the history of the mobile phone infographic by showcasing the evolution of mobile phones over time. This is no ordinary infographic, it is actually a single