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History of Mobile Phones Told Through Interactive Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

I stumbled upon the history of the mobile phone infographic by showcasing the evolution of mobile phones over time. This is no ordinary infographic, it is actually a single page web design that has an old school pixel style with interaction all over it – animations and sounds make it a super fun source of inspiration for future infographic designs.

I remember a lot of these phone developments from my childhood and teenage years, so it was definitely fun to take a trip down memory lane and you will be amazed just how much mobile technology has changed over the years. It makes you appreciate the amazing smartphone ecosystem we have today.

As if the infographic isn’t awesome enough on it’s own, they are offering a chance to win an iPhone SE. You can check out the infographic below, but you won’t be able to appreciate all of the effort put into it until you visit the site and see the animations/sounds for yourself, also you will need to go over there to actually enter the competition they are holding, so go ahead and give it a click!


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