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5 Technological Myths We Should Stop Believing Now

Is it bad to leave your phone charging overnight? And what if you charge your iPhone with the iPad adapter? Despite the fact that smart devices are used by us every day, there are still a lot of questions about how they operate and what can be done with it, and what should better be avoided.

When there is so much information, there is a big chance, that not nearly all of it is correct. So it starts to get difficult to know whether or not we use our electronic devices properly. Because of this reason, today we are going to talk a bit about six most common myths about technologies.

When you leave your phone to charge for a long time (or overnight), it damages its battery

11 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

You are probably behaving like most of the people and leave your phone charging overnight. That means that fully charged phone is charging for a long time. In this case, some might say that this may harm phone’s battery, but in fact, this is not yet confirmed.

Modern phones have lithium ion batteries which are smart enough to stop charging when it is loaded to the maximum. So – do not worry about that and leave your phone charging even for a week, if you like it!

When you are charging your iPhone with an iPad charger, you are damaging it

Can I Use the Same Charger for Multiple Devices?

The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than the standard “yes or no.” The official Apple’s website says that 12-watt iPad adapter can charge both the iPad as well as iPhone.
However, it is worth noting, that Steve Sander from the company “RES Systems” once said that if you do that on a regular basis, iPhone’s battery usage will get weaker. But to feel a significant difference of that, this should be done throughout the year.

You should not turn off your computer every day


Some of you probably consider that it is not worthwhile to turn off your computer every night, but the truth is that it can be good, and it is quite healthy for your computer!

It is easy to get a routine every night to just put your computer on a sleeping mode for a night – then you can go back to work quickly in the next morning. But turned off computer saves energy and makes some of the components work easier, so the computer can run longer and be with you as long as it is possible.

The phone can be charged only when it is completely discharged

How Often Should I Charge My Gadget’s Battery to Prolong Its Lifespan?

This is another widespread myth about lithium-ion batteries. There is nothing wrong to charge the phone when the battery is not entirely empty- in fact, it can be even safer.

Batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. When those periods are coming towards the end, naturally battery operation time is also getting shorter, until it reaches a critical level.

One charge cycle is complete when a phone is charging from zero to one hundred percent. The reason your phone’s lifetime decreases with age is the fact that the phone had used a lot of its cycles, but not because of the fact, that you turn it on to charge when the battery is just half full.

Incognito browsing protects your anonymity

Incognito mode doesn’t protect your surfing data

There is a prevailing misconception that the “incognito” and “private” are synonymous. If you are using Incognito mode in Google Chrome or private browsing in Safari browser, it just means that the browser will not collect your browsing history and cookies – not protects your personal information.

Well, to be fair, it is quite a good idea to prevent anyone who is browsing your computer to see what you were doing there. But it won’t hide your identity at visited web pages or your Internet service provider.

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