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What to Do When Your Job Isn’t Satisfying

Not many people can claim they love their job. They might loved what they do but hate the company they’re working for. They might have realized that the day in and day out aspect of their job is making them miserable, when they thought it would be the right fit. They might see people too much, or not see people enough. They might enjoy 80% of their job description and hate the other 20%–enough that it’s making them miserable. If any of those sound like you, then you’re one of the many people who’s just not happy in their job. Since work is a huge part of life, that’s a pretty crummy position to be in.


Instead of accepting a cranky existence, you can consider taking some steps to improve your work life. You might think you’re being lazy or fussy, but there’s a better job out there for you. Other people thrive on the work you do; it’s right for them. If it’s not right for you, then you just haven’t found your perfect fit.

Switch Companies

You Should Plan On Switching Jobs Every Three Years For The Rest Of Your Life

Sometimes, your job in and of itself might be fine. The company you work for, however, might be toxic. If you can’t take another day of being yelled at by your boss, another day of dealing with the boss’s narcissistic spouse (who for some reason runs the marketing department–without a degree) or another day of dealing with that crew leader who bullies everyone within reach–then maybe it’s time to find a new company. Companies that are run properly will have a little drama now and again, but if they’re not toxic from the top down, you’ll be able to breathe a lot easier.

Switch Goals

Why (and How) You Should Change Up Your Routine, Even if it’s Working

You might have liked your career description back in college, but currently–you’re dissatisfied with what you do. Maybe you went into HR, only to get stuck in a job that’s 90% recruiting. And you hate recruiting. If your career is right but your current job description is wrong, try to move to a different position within your company, or get hired somewhere new.

Switch Careers

How To Change Careers – And Kill It At Your New Job

Sometimes, wiggling your job around or switching companies isn’t going to save you from career dissatisfaction. What sounded good to you when you were twenty might not sound good to you now. You may have realized you need a job that’s more altruistic, a job that does more good for the world around you. Often, people who are dissatisfied in their jobs realize it’s because their jobs seem, well, meaningless. If you’re considering switching to a more person-centered career, you can consider pursuing a graduate degree, whether that be in ministry, social work, psychotherapy, and counseling, nursing, or another similar field. Since you probably have a Bachelor’s in something, it will be easier to get your new degree, especially if you go back to school online. You can get your phd online or doctorate in social work online, or pursue most other degrees from the comfort of your own house, on your own schedule.


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