5 Type Of Jobs You Can Get After Completing Your Study Abroad

Studying abroad brings immense opportunities for international students. Although it is always expensive to study in the first world countries, students still seek to study in the topnotch universities of these countries. Studying abroad isn’t only about better career opportunities. You also get to witness new cultures, meet new people and sharpen your language skills. In short, it is an experience which contributes to the entire development of the students.

What’s Different In Pursuing a Foreign Degree?

3 Differences Between Studying Abroad, Pursuing a Degree Overseas

Completing your education abroad can make your resume more impressive and bring you more career opportunities in many countries. Moreover, staying in a foreign country away from your family will make you more self-reliant and confident, which are the qualities primarily required for success in your career. China and India are two countries from where the highest maximum students go overseas for education. Mainly UK, U.S., Australia and Canada are the most preferred countries of the students looking to study abroad.

A Primer on International Job Opportunities that A Foreign Degree Opens Up

Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market – CNN

A lot depends on the course of study you are choosing when it comes to joining workforce in a foreign country. There is a variety of job opportunities waiting for you once you complete your post-graduation. Here is a list of five types of international jobs that you can land after completing your study in a foreign country.

1. Marketing and Finance Jobs after Completing MBA:

Immediately after completing your master’s degree in business administration, you can join the marketing sector and grab the lucrative managerial role. Your job will be to supervise the international marketing strategies, analyze the potential market and explain how profitable a product can be for an international company.

If you have specialized in the area of finance, you will have the opportunity to grab the highest positions in some of the reputed international companies. An MBA degree with specialization in finance makes you the right candidate for the role of international finance controller, one of the most sought-after job opportunities abroad. An MBA will also help you find jobs in other sectors such as banking and trades which offer a rewarding career to the international students.

2. Computer Networking Specialist:

If you have profound computer knowledge, for example, a degree in computer science or information technology, you can apply for the role of computer networking specialist. Your job will be to maintain, setup and support the entire computer networking system within an organization.

The networking system usually consists of the local area network, the wide area network and other internal networking systems. Apart from this, you will also have to install router, set-up firewalls and troubleshoot all network related problems.

A variety of companies recruit a computer networking specialist; starting from the IT companies to education sector and healthcare organizations. Therefore, you will have a huge scope in this field. Generally companies require a bachelor’s degree for this post and a certification is needed. The annual salary of a computer networking specialist is around $78,000 in USA.

3. Technical Support At BPO Sectors:

With foreign university education comes a natural flair in English language. Better communication skill is another benefit of studying abroad and you can easily leverage this skill in the sectors related to communication. In the beginning of your career, you can land the job of a technical support executive at an international Business Process Outsourcing organization. It is not only about handling the clients’ calls and answering to their queries, but you would also have to be a part of the client training programs and maintain documentation to improve client’s reference database.

4. Work As A Software Engineer:

Is it possible to get a software engineering job at Google without a computer science degree? – Quora

Software engineering can land you some great opportunities abroad. You can apply for some of the top companies like Google, Microsoft or Oracle if you have excellent skills. You can opt for the post-graduate software development courses to minimize the total cost of studying software engineering. The wages are high in the international software development companies and you will also find better career opportunities once you grab the position of a software developer in a reputed company. It is indeed tough to get a job as a fresher. Therefore, opt for unpaid internship at international companies to gain an experience certificate that will help you find better positions in this field.

5. Jobs In The Health Care Department:

If you have a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery, then thousands of opportunities will be knocking at your door right after you complete post-graduation. If you are interested in nursing you should learn how to become a NP, but those with a bachelor’s degree in any subject can opt for the role of healthcare assistant. These jobs are available at the hospitals where you have to work under the guidance of the GP. Your job will be to nurse and observe patients, serve them food and help them in the toilets.

These jobs do not require any specialized training or education and with experience, you job roles might change. The experienced HCAs usually take part in health education works, sterilize the surgical equipment, take blood samples and process them. So, don’t think your work will be limited. With a job in healthcare department, you will have a lot to learn and earn.

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