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What Does Your Restroom Say About Your Business?

Of all the things we could discuss about your business, why on earth would we choose the restroom?! Well, there are a lot of hidden ways that your bathroom facilities can make a huge impression on those inside and outside the business. Whether it’s impressing potential employees, business clients, or anyone else, you need to make sure you get this right.

No, we haven’t gone crazy. This is a legitimately important thing to consider, and it’s time to discuss why.


First Impressions

Of course, an outsider’s first impression of your business will have a big effect on their future dealings with it. Entering a dirty restroom on a first visit isn’t a good way to set a positive impression. It doesn’t take long for a person to judge their surroundings, and this is a surefire way to put doubt in their mind. However, a spotless bathroom with recessed lighting and the latest Toto toilets will do just the opposite. Yes, your restroom might actually prevent a huge deal from being completed in the future. Who’d have thought your business would miss out on profits because of your toilet facilities?!

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Customer Trust

It takes a lot to build up customer trust. You can actually see the doubt in their eyes when they utilize a company for the first time. This is particularly evident in retail, where they never quite know if they’re going to be ripped off. So, it’s your company’s requirement to build up their trust over a period of time. Any signs of business incompetence are going to set their warning signals off. This includes a dirty bathroom. But, the opposite is also true when you sport clean facilities, helping to speed up the trust process.



Obviously, an unclean restroom sets a precedent for the rest of your company. If the bathroom is unclean, it’s almost a given that other areas of the business must be unclean, too. It’s also a suggestion that your business doesn’t take cleanliness seriously enough. More information about cleaning services can easily be found online, and others might question why you haven’t sought it. On the other end of the scale, a clean restroom can plant positive seeds in the minds of those who visit it. You might just clinch a big deal because of your outstanding facilities.

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Safety & Health

The restroom is an area of the business that presents numerous risks from a safety and health perspective. Arguably the biggest relates to spillages that are all too common around toilets and sinks. So, it’s your company’s responsibility to clean up after itself, regularly maintaining the area. A failure to do this showcases your business as an unsafe presence, putting all who dwell within the building in danger. And, if you’re not careful, this can result in a catastrophic incident, causing much damage to both the business and the people involved. If you have no clue how to fix some leaks in your bathrooms, you need to call someone ASAP! Every hour that these leaks continue can cause damage to your building and your business reputation.

Company Culture

The cleanliness of a restroom can say a lot about the culture that has been developed within the company. On the one hand, a failure to maintain it effectively can suggest a general laziness within the business. If the owner isn’t bothered to rectify the issue, it’s going to extend to the employees below them. Ultimately, a lazy and non-perfectionist culture isn’t something investors want to get involved with. But, an ultra-clean bathroom with fully working facilities gives off the opposite impression. Without even trying, you’ll easily impress those who visit.


Training Needs

We’ve mentioned multiple topics already that deal with training needs. This can include company culture-related matters, as well as things like health and safety. So, a poor restroom can often indicate numerous training needs across the company. It might showcase that a business isn’t running at full effectiveness for whatever reason. If an important client can identify training needs and the owner can’t, it’s going to put doubt in their trust of the owner. And, if there isn’t a willingness to implement additional training, there will be concerns about the future of the business.


A poorly maintained restroom area doesn’t always have to indicate a lack of efficient training. It doesn’t even have to mean that the company doesn’t take itself seriously. Instead, it might just come down to a lack of staffing, with not enough people being able to take care of it properly. So, what does this mean for customers and business clients? It might indicate that your company is in trouble financially and isn’t worth investing in. Or, it can create an amateur impression, making your business look small time compared to the competition.


Online Reviews

If your business deals in selling products and services to the general public, you’ll be at the mercy of online review services. You better believe that customers are willing to say anything and everything about your business. Even if you deliver outstanding service, they’ll mention those dirty restrooms without fail. In a situation such as owning a restaurant, you can imagine how damaging this can be to your reputation. Online services have the ability to maximize profits or destroy a company on their own. If you don’t take them seriously, you’ll soon be in trouble.

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Employee Morale

Ultimately, your aim as a business is to get the most out of your employees. You want them to be as productive as possible, but that won’t magically happen. It’s your job to motivate them to be the best they can be. You can do this through training, meetings, and other tactics, but there’s more to it than that. Providing an effective workplace that not only equips them with tools but keeps them safe is important. Employees want to feel like they’re part of the team. They want to feel like they’re being cared about. An unwillingness to maintain even the most basic of necessities is bound to cause unhappiness.

Isn’t it amazing how much a restroom can say about a business?! I didn’t expect to write this many words about bathroom facilities, but the topics kept on coming! It should go without saying that if you want your business to succeed, your restroom better be up to scratch!

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