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The Essentials on Building a Successful Business Website

In the online business world, there is no one set of best design decisions that fits all types of businesses. There are however a few design and marketing rules and considerations that apply across the board, and need to be taken into account.

You need to be clear what your business, or that of your client’s, is all about. This requires clear, consistent, complete, and well-written copy that, among other things, gets quickly to the point, guides viewers to the information they are looking for, and leads them to a call of action of their, or your, choosing.

There is naturally much more involved, as you will see.

Examples of Brilliant Pre-designed Websites for Businesses

As we proceed, it will quickly become apparent that first impressions count.

Let’s look at several different types of businesses, and examine examples of website designs that are make a good fit for each type. Pre-designed website can, and in most cases will, offer complete marketing solutions for any type of business.

Digital and Web Design Agencies

If your client is a digital or web design agency, your site’s appearance should be flawless. In these first two Be Theme examples, you will note that the pre-built websites are highly focused. Among other things, they provide clients with an area for their UVP (unique value proposition) that is free of distractions.

Be Digital


Be Web Design


A portfolio is often the most important part of a business’s website. It must convincingly highlight what the business is about. It must show the very best in terms of work or products.
A should also tell a story; and it needs to be kept fresh; few portfolios are evergreen.

A far different type of business is a burger delivery restaurant.

Be Burger


The initial impression is powerful enough to make you hungry. But a powerful image is in itself not always enough. This web page displays other information a viewer may be looking for; prices, delivery hours, etc. – easily displayed without the slightest bit of clutter!
A few things to bear in mind about the use of images:

  • We are members of a visual culture, and images are important.
  • Images get more total website views, and consumers prefer them over descriptive text.
  • Social media (marketing) is shifting more and more to the use of images.
  • Use your own images whenever possible. They can have much more of an impact than stock images.

Be Dietitian


This is another example of a beautiful design that also conveys a message. Be Theme specialists looked at this design form the perspective of creating trust. The design is simple, yet it beckons you to explore further.

Be Club


This design projects a certain atmosphere. One look, and you want to join the club. You are even shown where to view upcoming events, and how to make reservations.

Be Kindergarten


This image shows kindergarten as a place where children learn and have fun. Navigating to important sources of information is easy, and the viewer is invited to take a tour. This particular pre-built website is designed to build trust.

These examples emphasize intense experiences:

Be Extreme


Be Surfing


They fit perfectly for businesses dealing with sports or outdoor adventure.

Be Handyman


A handyman does many things. This business type would seemingly be a difficult pre-built website design topic. In this case, a multipage pre-built website does the trick.
The images are clean, minimal, and stylish. They encourage you to continue looking for more.

Be Hotel


The Be Theme design for a hotel shows the impact a slider can have, and it offers easy navigation to information pertaining to reservations and other important functions.

Be Theme Features Pre-Designed Websites People Love to Work With


Be Theme features more than 170 different pre-built websites that can be installed with 1 click, including multipage editions. There are even more than shown here that will prove useful to businesses. In fact, the majority would do so, but the examples given here give a good idea as to how pre-designed websites can effectively be put to use.

Check out this 2 minute video and see how easily it is to install and edit a Be Theme pre-made business website

Be also places 40 powerful core features at your disposal. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when using the combination of the Muffin Builder 3 or Visual Composer page builders, Be’s Powerful Admin, and the Shortcode Generator and Layout Configurations.

You can design anything you want without having to resort to code, when you use one of the pre-built websites as a foundation. The same is true if you want to start from scratch with a blank screen. Select a grid, a header, and a layout option, and away you go! Visit the website. Take a few minutes to browse the extensive pre-built website library, check out the demos, and examine each of the core features in detail.

Before long, you will be building a website that will have customers beating a path to your client’s door.

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